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Frain Industries can help you with your cartoner accessory bottle feed project no matter how big or small your bottle feed needs. Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feeders are accessories for a cartoner which places bottles into the carton. Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feeders are most often used with a vertical cartoner.

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Jones Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feed CMV STARLOAD

  • Manufacturer: Jones
  • Model Number: CMV STARLOAD
  • Frain Number: R18061A

Fully automatic bottle loader for use with vertical cartoner. Features 4" wide plastic delron chain conveyor, Adjustable rails, timing screw, cartoner interface , photo electric sensor for conveyor, stop/start, worm drive with controller, guarding & adjustable height.
Price to mount loader to Jones CMV cartoner is $5500 plus $4,750 for each set of change parts (subject to receipt of samples.)

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