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Frain Industries can help you with your cartoner accessory bottle feed project no matter how big or small your bottle feed needs. Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feeders are accessories for a cartoner which places bottles into the carton. Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feeders are most often used with a vertical cartoner.

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Norden Tube Metal CMV STARLOAD Norden Tube Metal CMV STARLOAD Jones Cartoner Accessory Bottle Feed CMV STARLOAD

  • Manufacturer: Jones
  • Model Number: CMV STARLOAD
  • Frain Number: R18061A

Norden Model AM1000, Automatic, stainless steel, metal tube filler and sealer rated from 20 to 100 tubes per minute and tube size: 10mm to 50mm in Diameter; 50mm to 250mm in Length with volume of fills – depending on materials, application and proper change parts. Equipped with 30" long empty tube magazine, stainless steel conical product hopper with auger and level detection, (22) 3" ID tube pockets set on 4" centers with no tube / no fill, bottom up fill and crimp fold seal. Control panel has hand / auto, run / jog switches, stirrer and heater controls with start, stop, e-stop and hand held controller. Mounted on stainless steel frame.

OAD: 78" L x 58" W x 99" H

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