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partition inserterFrain Industries has many case erector partition inserters in stock and ready to set up for your application. Partition inserters are designed to insert internal partitions into a pre-erected case.  Partition inserting machines will form the partition from a folded partition blank, erect the partition, and place the partition inside the erected case. Partitions inside cases are used to keep product separate during transportation of the product within the case.  Cases with partitions are often used for transporting glass containers.  The partitions inserted into the case prevent the glass containers from contacting one another thereby reducing the chance that the glass container will break if the case is handled roughly.

Contact Frain Industries to discuss your partition inserter requirements.  We can design a solution based on your container type, speed, and integration requirements.  We carry partition inserters from many OEM’s including: ABC, Brenton, Pearson, SWF, Wayne and others.


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Partition Inserter Equipment In Stock

SWF Case Erector Partion Inserter H9000

  • Manufacturer: SWF
  • Model Number: H9000
  • Frain Number: 5F4862

SWF Model H9000, automatic, vertical, corrugated "H" style, partition inserter rated from 5 to 21 inserts per minute – depending on materials and application Equipped with corrugated blank insert magazine capable of holding up to 100 inserts, suction cup pic n place with lugged conveyor feed system, (4) sided forming station, single arm ram and 96" long x 18" wide powered roller conveyor with 14" long x 1-3/4" diameter rollers set on 3" centers with 1-1/4" gaps. Control panel has A/B PCU with machine and cycle start, stop, hand, auto, bypass and jog controls with e-stop, statis light bar and cage style safety guarding. Mounted on heavy duty multi-leg frame.

OAD:96" L x 90" W x 80" H

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ABC Case Erector Partion Inserter M70

  • Manufacturer: ABC
  • Model Number: M70
  • Frain Number: 5C8881

ABC Model M70, automatic partition opener and inserter rated from 5 to 30 insterts per minute – speeds depending on materials and application. Case size range: 27" to 11"L x 12" to 7" W x 12" to 4" H. Max/min KD partition is 32" to 13"L x 12" to 4" H. Min cell size 1.5" square.The unit is currently set to run 4 sizes of end slot trays with a locking chipboard partition. The infeed and discharge elevation is 26".Tray sizes and drawing lit is in system.

OAD: 95"L x 96" W x 101" H

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