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Case erectors with no sealing heads are designed to erect a case from a pre-scored corrugate folded blank without sealing the bottom of the case. A case erector no sealing head will erect the case and often close the minor and major flaps at the bottom of the case. Case erectors without sealing heads are often run in conjunction with a top and bottom case sealing system down line. (For more information see Sealer Case.)

No Sealing Head Equipment In Stock

Combi America Case Erector No Sealing Head E1000

  • Manufacturer: Combi America
  • Model Number: E1000
  • Frain Number: 5F7120

Combi America Model E1000, automatic case erector, rated from 5 to 20 cases per minute – depending on material, application and operator dexterity. Right hand unit with case size range: 4-1/2" to 12" in Length; 4" to 10" in Width; 5" to 20" in Height Equipped with 48" long blank case magazine, suction cup pic-n-place, 144" long x 3-1/4" wide variable speed, slip torque case conveyor, quick adjust with digital readout gauge lexan guarding, vacuum pump and is mounted on base frame with casters,

OAD: 144" L x 80" W x 48" H

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