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Ampoule filler machines are typically used in the pharmaceutical industries to fill a range of liquids with viscosities from free-flowing to heavy oils.  There are many types of containers that can be filled including; ampoules / ampoules, vials, glass tubes, onion skin tubes, and many others.

Ampoule and Vile fillers typically unscramble, gas flush, and fill the container.  The ampoules are then hermetically flame sealed, or vials are plugged and capped depending on the application.

Glass ampules (Sometimes “ampoules”) are the ultimate tamper evident/resistant package. Popular for injectable pharmaceutical products, they are also used for other speciality products like cosmetics. Ampules are available in sizes from a few milliliters to a few ounces.  More: Watch Ampoule Filler Video


Before Sealing After Sealing

The ampule is formed from glass tubing and consists of a body, where the product will normally be, a neck that is designed to break and an upper section that is flame sealed. The ampules are typically supplied in shrinkwrap film. In most pharma applications, the shrinkwrapped film is removed and the ampules are washed and sterilized. Transport trays are used to transfer the ampules to the filler infeed. There they are placed on a rotary or inline infeed that single files them into the filler. A pusher block, on the table or conveyor, is usually used to prevent the ampules from falling over backwards.

Another alternative is to use an inclined infeed tray to the filler. Ampules are loaded on the tray and gravity prevents them falling. Gravity also drives them to the filler.
At the table or tray discharge, the ampules are single filed into the filler where they are captured in pockets in a trunnion chain or a walking beam.


Trunnion chain

These move the ampule into the filling section. Filling needles are lowered into the lower chamber of the ampule and the product is dispensed. Filling can be with piston, peristaltic, gear or other pump or by time-pressure. It is critical that no splashing or dripping occur in the upper portion of the ampule. If there is any product in the upper chamber, it will be burned during sealing, ruining the product.

After filling, the ampule is indexed to the sealing section. Gas flames heat the ampule below the tip. A pair of metal fingers grip the tip pulling it upward. As the tip and ampule are pulled apart, the molten glass seals closed. The fingers deposit the scrap in a waste chute. This picture shows ampules indexing, two up, to a preheating and final sealing station.

ampoule filler flame sealer

Preheating and sealing stations (2 up)

The sealed ampule exits the filler and is collected in a tray or accumulation table or conveyed for labeling and packing.
At point of use, the sealed tip is snapped off. This leaves the body open at the neck. Since it is broken open, it cannot be resealed. This makes them an excellent one time use package.

Frain Industries carries used ampoule / vial liquid fillers from many manufacturers including Bosch, Cozzoli, Marzocchi, and many others.

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