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Granulator High Shear (re-phrase: this is cut & paste) High shear granulation is an effective means for turning powders into dense granules for tableting or coating. To create the granules, powders are added to the mixing bowl and the bowl is sealed. If necessary a dry binder may be added with the powders or dispersed into the granulating liquid. A large impeller spins at fairly slow speeds spinning the powders into a vortex. After the powders are blended together, liquid is added to the product using a pump or pressurized container. A chopper tool located in the bowl spins at fairly high speeds shearing the granules and removing air. The mixing continues until the desired end granule size and density is achieved. End point is often determined via power consumption or torque on the main mixing tool drive. The granulated product may be dried in the mixing bowl, if equipped for vacuum drying, or discharged for fluid bed drying.

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Lodige USA Granulator High Shear L50

  • Model Number: L50
  • Frain Number: R28770

Lodige, Model L50, 50 Liter ( 1¾ ft³), 316 stainless steel mixer. Chamber dimensions: 15¾" diameter x 15¾" long. Equipped with (4) plows on 2" diameter shaft powered by a 5.3 Hp motor, 7" diameter (12) blade chopper with 5.3 Hp drive, front mounted bolt down access door, 13" diameter x 7" deep conical charge hopper and 9" OD / 8¼" ID Tri-clamp center bottom discharge with flush mounted flow valve and 25½" ground clearance. Control panel with push button start / stop and variable speed controls. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters.

OAD: 54"L x 43"W x 65"H

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Collette Granulator High Shear GRAL75

  • Manufacturer: Collette
  • Model Number: GRAL75
  • Frain Number: R26390

Collette Model GRAL 75, high speed, high shear 316 stainless steel, vertical granulator, with gross capacity of 75 liters and working capacity of 60 liters per batch. Jacketed and vacuum mixing bowl with dimensions of 20" ID x 14" Deep. GAMP (good automated manufacturing practice) design for 25% less granulating liquid use resulting in reduction time in drying with no wet sizing required and has (4) 1" ID threaded side / bottom jacket in / outlets and side bottom pneumatic operated discharge valve. Hydraulic lift up top cover with 16" OD (3) blade anchor style mixer with 8" long x 2" wide blades and 6" OD (4) blade high shear mixer with (4) 3" long x 1" wide blades and 2-1/2 ID site port with (1) 3-1/2" top port and (1) 2-1/2" OD sanitary top port with 10 Hp belt to motor drive. Control multiple panels (1) main remote and (1) operator with high and low speed start, stop, jog and hydraulic lift controls with pressure, vacuum, rpm and temperature gauges Mounted on 48" long x 28 " wide x 16" high stainless steel base platform.

OAD: 60" L x 32" W x 74" H Mixer
48" L x 28" W x 16" H Main Control Panel
24" L x 12" W x 39" H Operator Control Panel

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Vector Granulator High Shear CF360

  • Manufacturer: Vector
  • Model Number: CF360
  • Frain Number: 5C6248

Vector Model CF-360 304 S/S Granulator is capable of handling 1.5 to 4kg (bulk density 0.7) of product. Charging capacity: 0.75 – 2kg. Rotor diameter: 360mm. Rotor direction: Clockwise. Rotor speed (variable): 40-400rpm. Main application is agglomeration, granulating, and coating for any kind of powder. The specially designed rotor is installed in a large stationary cylinder (stator) and a bed of powders, granules or pills forms a fluidizing doughnut ring along the wall of the stator with a rope twisting like motion which is created by joint forces of centrifugal force, rotating speed, gravity and fluidization air directed through the slit. When binding or coating solution and powders are sprayed onto this fluidizing twisted doughnut ring of the bed, they are mixed and develop very quickly and uniformly into the ring of the bed and therefore powders, granules or pills can be granulated, agglomerated or coated uniformly within a limited time. Air from high pressure blower is directed to the chamber through heat exchanger to the slit (a 300-500 micron opening) which helps eliminate clogging of powders and granules in the chamber. Last ran in a food application. OAD: 8’L x 3’W x 6’H

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Glatt Granulator High Shear TR16002

  • Manufacturer: Glatt
  • Model Number: TR16002
  • Frain Number: 5G3987

Glatt, TR16002, Stainless steel wet or dry granulations screener to a selected particle size. Features a 4.5 gallon hopper, a 6" diameter discharge at 34"H. Quick Sieve can be used for the de-lumping or milling of raw materials. Mounted on stainless steel stand with four casters.

OAD: 32" (L) x 39" (W) x 62" (H)

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