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J H Day Mixer Paste Single Arm 30CUFT

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: 30CUFT
  • Frain Number: 5D8171

30 cuft. S/S single arm Naben blade mixer. Internal mixing chamber dimensions: (36"L x 38"W x 44"D). Has manual tilting mechanism, double end drive, and 32" dia. sigma blade. Equipped with E-Stop, 8HP Eurodrive motor, and Eurodrive variable speed gear reducer, mounted on heavy duty cast iron base.

OAD: 84"(L) x 46"(W) x 90"(H)

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Colton Mixer Paste Single Arm 18CUFT

  • Manufacturer: Colton
  • Model Number: 18CUFT
  • Frain Number: 5D2818

18 cuft. (150 gal), 304 S/S, single arm mixer with Sigma / Naben blade. Internal dimensions: 36" x 30" x 33". Equipped with counterweighted flip top cover, manual tilt, Omron LCD timer and E-Stop.

OAD: 108"L x 38"W x 80"H

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Magna Mixer Co Mixer Paste Single Arm 300L2D1

Magna, Model 300L-2D1, 304 stainless steel single arm sigma style mixer. Working capacity of 13½ ft³ (480 lbs.) and chamber dimensions of : 28" in Length; 28" in Width; 32" in Depth. Equipped with sigma mix arm, 15 / 7½ HP dual speed drive and motorized tilt discharge. Control panel has touch screen controller and e-stop. Mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frame. Used for gentle, thorough mixing of heavy breads, cookie dough and specialty products.

OAD: 70"L x 35"W x 68"H

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Stokes Mixer Paste Single Arm 21AA

  • Manufacturer: Stokes
  • Model Number: 21AA
  • Frain Number: 5H7012

Stokes, 1.3 ft³, 316 stainless steel single sigma mixer with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Chamber dimmensions: 15" in Length x 12" in Width x _15" in Depth with flip top cover, 2" OD center shaft with 1½" wide x ¾" thick single ribbons powered by a ¼ hp drive. Mounted on a push cart base with tilt discharge and 24" floor clearence.

OAD: 48"L x 30"W x 45"H

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Stokes Mixer Paste Single Arm 21J

  • Manufacturer: Stokes
  • Model Number: 21J
  • Frain Number: 5H2803

Stokes single arm, 304 stainless steel, sigma style mixer with working capacity of up to 4.7 ft³. Chamber dimensions: 27" in Length; 22" in Width; 27" in Depth, Equipped with single sigma mix arm, hinged cover, 3 hp motor drive and hand crank tilt discharge. Control panel with push button start / stop.

OAD: 60"L x 30"W x 60"H

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