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Frain Industries carries several types of mixers covering numerous process stages including comminution, mixing, drying, agglomeration, classification, weighing, and metering.  Additionally, mills are capable of aeration, deaeration, emulsification, general pre-milling, processing, homogenization, particle size reduction, paste mixing, vacuum mixing, and whipping.

The Frain engineering team can design a paste mixing solution based on your final product, volume, and integration requirements.  Contact us today to discuss you paste mixing needs.

  • horizontal_thumbHorizontal Mixers / Blenders – Frain Industries carries several styles of industrial horizontal mixers with different types of agitation depending on your application. Roller bar agitator, single sigma blade agitator, and dual sigma blade agitator are some of the styles Frain carries.  Additional features such as jacketed mixing bowl, tilt discharge, dual end drive, and sliding gate discharges are also available.  Horizontal mixers are ideal for mixing a number of products including: breads, creams, dough, icing, marshmallow, pasta, pizza crust, pretzels, pastry dough, pet foods, stiff fillings, as well as many other products.


  • Ddouble arm_thumbouble Arm Mixers –   Primarily used in pasta and bread bakeries, double arm mixers produce soft doughs such as French bread, confectionery, sandwich bread, bread sticks, etc. These style mixers mix at high speed, and oxygenate the dough without heating it.



  • disperser_thumbDisperser Mixers –   Designed to incorporate powders into liquid and break down particle agglomerates to produce a fine dispersion.  There are different types of blade designs depending on your application including saw-tooth, high vane, cutter, and polypeller.




ET Oakes_thumb

  • Continuous Mixers – Ideal where a single product is mixed in large quantities.  The weighing, loading, mixing, and discharge steps take place simultaneously.





high sheer_thumb

  • High Shear Mixers – Applications include high speed particle size reduction, homogenization, emulsification, and solids size reduction.





Three Roll Mill

  • Three Roll Mills – Dispersion is achieved by the shear force generated between the rolls.






  • Planetary Mixers – Ideal for low shear mixing and kneading viscous pastes.





Frain Industries carries used paste mixers from many OEM’s including E.T. Oakes, Asser Oakes & Bollin Dale Engineering, Design Integrated Technology, Inc. (DIT), Kady® International, Ross, Cornell, Peerless Food Equipment, Votator, Reitz, Komline- Seider, Hosokawa Micron, Mars Mineral,  Aeration Mixer BM, FEECO, Scott Equipment Company, Readco, Munson, Process Control Corporation, Patterson-Kelley, and many others.

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Mixers - Paste Mixing Equipment In Stock

Littleford Mixer Paste Double Arm 2 GAL

  • Manufacturer: Littleford
  • Model Number: 2 GAL
  • Frain Number: 5H6102

Littleford, 2 Gal, dual sigma blade, jacketed lab size mixer with 304 stainless steel contact parts. Mixing chamber dimensions: 9" long x 7" wide x 9½" deep. Equipped with a lift off cover, lift out safety grate, 2 hp drive and manual tilt handle. Unit mounted on a mild steel base with casters.

Nat’l Brd: 1260
MAWP: 125 psi @ 353°F

OAD: 55"L x 30"W x 60"H

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Cornell Mixer Paste Horizontal D26

  • Manufacturer: Cornell
  • Model Number: D26
  • Frain Number: R30663

Cornell Model D26 "Versator" rated from 5 to 125 gallons of product per minute – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel contact parts. Equipped with 26" ID product rotating disc, with (2) 2-1/2" OD / 2-1/4 ID side chamber in feed and discharge product ports, (1) 3-1/4" OD / 3" ID top vacuum port, with pressure gauge and 2" OD bottom drain. Swing open clamp down door has 7" OD, flanged front port with (6) 3/4" bolts on 3" centers and 3" OD sight port with 25 Hp belt to motor drive. Side mounted 40" High x 8"OD product tank with 14" x 14" x 24" conical product feed hopper system with independent motor drive. Control panel has main machine and vacuum on / off switches. System is mounted on 72" long x 70" wide platform style frame.
Operation: Product flows thru film forming ring out and then over the surface of rotating disc where the dispersion, deaeration or defoaming action occurs.

OAD: 72" L x 70" W x 76" H

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J H Day Mixer Paste Double Arm 5 GAL

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: 5 GAL
  • Frain Number: 5H3879

J H Day, 1 ft³ (7½ gallon) / 0.67 ft³ (5 gallon) working capacity, jacketed, double arm, sigma blade mixer. Inner mixing chamber dimensions: 15¾" in Length; 12" in Width; 10¾" in Depth. Equipped with 304 stainless steel contact parts, 3 Hp motor drive with variable speed gearbox, hand tilt with 28" discharge height and ½" NPT jacket connections.

MAWP: 80 PSI @ 324°F
Nat’l Brd: 515

OAD: 70"L x 28"W x 57"H

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J H Day Mixer Paste Double Arm 20

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: 20
  • Frain Number: 5A6152

Double sigma mixer. 35 Gallon working capacity (65gl Total capacity). Tangential blade mixer, tilt discharge. Carbon steel contact parts.
Vessel dimensions: 28" in Length; 24" in Width; 24" in Depth.

OAD: 64" W x 90" L x 96" H

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Mueller Mixer Paste Horizontal 36 FT³

  • Manufacturer: Mueller
  • Model Number: 36 FT³
  • Frain Number: 5A3283

Mueller, 46 ft³, 304 stainless steel, low presssure jacketed double ribbon mixer. Lbs of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Inner mixing chamber dimensions: 70" in Length; 36" in Width; 38" in Depth. Equipped with flip up covers, 2" OD mixing shaft with 2¾" wide (outer) and 2" wide (inner) ribbons powered by a 2 hp drive, 4" wide screened bottom drain trough, 3½"OD / 3" ID seated bevel style discharge with 19" floor clearence.

Jacket Access:
(4) 1¼" NPT

OAD: 96"L x 42"W x 66"H

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Peerless Mixer Paste Vertical SLURRY MIXER 150 Gal, 1000 lb capacity, S/S, Slurry Mixer

  • Manufacturer: Peerless
  • Model Number: SLURRY MIXER
  • Frain Number: 5E0540

150 gallon, (1000 lb) capacity, stainless steel, slurry mixer. (40" OD x 40 Deep), flat top mixing bowl, has a bottom electric rotor drive, with 5 (38" L x 3" W x 1" Thick) rotating single motion mixing blades, and 8 (18" L x 3" W x1" Thick) stationary fixed blades, flip top, bolt down cover, with quick release clamps, 9" Dia product port, and push button start / stop controls with cycle timer. Flat bottom has a bottom rectangular flange pump out style discharge with 18" floor clearence, mounted on a common base plate stand with casters for mobility.

OAD: 64" L x 64" W x 60" H

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Fedco Mixer Paste Horizontal FM80CONTINUOUS MIXER

  • Manufacturer: Fedco
  • Model Number: FM80CONTINUOUS MIXER
  • Frain Number: 5E0513

Fedco Model FM80, automatic, continuous pin mill, sanitary mixer rated from 400 to over 10,000 lbs of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 14" diameter rotor and stator, has a swing down cover with (4) corner bolts, easy access for cleaning. Equipped with Crepaco Model R3UR positive displacement pump, rated up to 55 gpm with (2) 2" OD in/outlet ports and rubber rotors rated to 160 psi and up to 300 rpm, chiller for rotor cooling A/B 509 controller with pump. rotor, air, speed controls.

OAD: 66" L x 38" W x 78" H

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Goodway Mixer Paste Horizontal CML25

  • Manufacturer: Goodway
  • Model Number: CML25
  • Frain Number: 5E0503

Stainless steel continuous mixer rated from 350 – 2400 lbs per hour (depending on product). Equipped with a positive displacement pump with s/s rotor, 1 1/2" dia sanitary fitted pump inlet/outlet, 1 1/4" threaded mixer inlet, 10" dia mixing disc, thermal jackets on mixing head rated to 150psi, digital displays and an E-stop button. Last used in a bakery operation.

OAD: 62" L x 38" W x 48" H

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Fryma Mixer Paste Vertical VME 700 www.repassa.com

  • Manufacturer: Fryma
  • Model Number: VME 700
  • Frain Number: 5E0084

700 Liter, 304 stainless steel processing vessel. Fully jacketed, Jacket rated to 45 psi and vacuum rated. Three independent mixing / blending devices: side wall scraper, high shear disperser and an adjustable homogenizer / colloid mixer. Dome top with lock down cover and pneumatic lift , 9" diameter port, 5-1/2" diameter sight port, and 2-1/2" top inlet. Dish bottom with 3-1/2" diameter center bottom discharge at 16" floor clearance. Control panel for disperser, colloid homogenizer mill and side scraper.

OAD: 128" L x 65" W x 94" H

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Oakes Mixer Paste Horizontal 2MBTIA

  • Manufacturer: Oakes
  • Model Number: 2MBTIA
  • Frain Number: R30082

Oakes, Model 2MBTIA, jacketed, high shear continuous rotor and stator pin mill mixer and is rated from 10 to 120 lb of product per hour – depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. Equipped with 9½" OD x 20" deep (5 gallon) supply hopper, SPX Model R0 positive displacement feed pump powered by ½ Hp motor drive and 2" diameter mixing head with 1"OD / ¼" ID Tri-Clamp style center product discharge powered by 1 Hp motor drive. Control panel has touch pad variable speed and digital speed displays for pump and rotor.

OAD: 42"L x 25"W x 32"H

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical CDA50 Ross 65 gallon paste mixer

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: CDA50
  • Frain Number: R30083

Ross Model CDA50 vertical jacketed mixer with gallons of product per hour – depending on materials and application. 304 stainless steel with 65 gallon total and 50 gallon working capacities. Equipped with full vacuum up to 29.50 Hg, jacketed pressure rated up to 100 psi. with variable high speed, independently driven, high speed hear homogenizing and scrape surface agitation. Has 3-1/4" sight port, temperature probe and 2" ball valve discharge and vacuum pump. Start, stop and e-stop push button controls.

OAD: 92" L x 36" W x 74" H

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical LDM2

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: LDM2
  • Frain Number: R30084

Ross Model LDM2, 2 gallon, jacketed, double planetary mixer with orbital speeds from 20 to 100 rpm and pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 100 psi steam jacket and vacuum cover rated up to 29" Hg vacuum, model DS-2 hydraulic discharge press, (2) 3/4" ID threaded vacuum ports, vacuum gauge, (2) 3" inlets/sight glasses, safety switch, temperature probe and Sterling variable speed gear reducer. Mounted on base frame with casters.

OAD: 42" L x 22" W x 56" H

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