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Frain Industries can help you with your zig zag powder mixer project no matter how big or small your mixing needs. A Zigzag powder mixer is actually a continuous mixer where by materials are metered into the mixer continuously and the action of the mixer to take the material though a zig zag type of mixer flow causes the various materials to be come mixer by the zigzag conveyance through this equipment.

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Patterson Kelley Mixer Powder ZigZag 10 CU FT

Continuous, six leg, eccentric Zig Zag solids to solids blender. 10" Diameter with a density rating of 50 pounds per cubic foot. Equipped with 6-3/4" flanged inlet and screw adjustment for product retention control.
By utilizing a gentle tumbling action multiple recycling / splitting / merging occurs in each leg.

OAD: 136" L x 40" W x 50" H

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