Mixer Powder Machines

Used Mixer Powder Equipment

Commercial and industrial powder mixer equipment and machines encompass a broad range of equipment designed to mix and blend dry:

  • powders with powders
  • powders with liquids
  • mix liquids with liquids
  • mix solids with liquids
  • mixing applications including multiple components.

Powder Mixer equipment and machines are designed to fit their specific mixing and blending application whether it be powder with powder, or liquid with powder, though different types of mixing and mixing processes can be used to mix the same two components together.

The proper powder mixer for an application requires knowledge of the different substances that are to be mixed together as well as their mixing properties. To determine the proper mixer for the application, the desired outcome or end product for the mixing application needs to be known.

Commercial and industrial mixers are mostly batch but some mixing applications, such as powder to liquid, can be continuous. Batch mixers take a certain amount (batch) of product and process it for a certain amount of time.

Once the product is processed, the batch is removed from the mixer and another batch can be placed in the mixer. Continuous mixers move the product through the mixer so that a continuous stream of mixed product is being discharged.

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