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stainless-steel-tankFrain Industries carries hundreds of used, stainless steel storage and processing tanks.   Tanks vary greatly in their shape, size, and application.  Frain stocks tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 10,000 gallons in many different configurations including: jacketed, single wall, vertical, horizontal, cone bottom, dish bottom, insulated, with or without agitation, CIP (clean in place), and many others.  Additionally tanks can be made of multiple grades of stainless steel (typically 304 or 316/316L) with different levels of corrosion resistance.

Types of agitation available include: prop agitation, high sheer agitation, sweep agitation, dual agitation, emulsification, turbines, impellers, cage beaters, anchor paddles, gate paddles, and many others.

Jacket types include: conventional jackets, high pressure jackets, half-pipe coil jackets, multiple zone jackets, dimple jackets, and plate coils.

The Frain Industries engineering team can place you into a storage or processing tank solution for your application.  If you are looking for a single tank or an integrated solution with automated fill and discharge options Frain has the equipment for your needs.

Frain Industries carries used tanks from many OEM’s including A&B Processing, Abec, Ace, Alfa Laval, Allegheny, American Process Systems, Apache, APV, APV Crepaco, B&G, CE Howard, Chem Tek, Cherry Burrell, Chester Jenson, Cream City, Crepaco, Dairy Craft, Damrow, DCI, Dover, Feldmeier, Groen, Highland, Howard, Langsenkamp, Lee, Letsch, Mueller, New Brunswick, Northland Stainless, Nova, Perma San, Perry, Pfaulder, Precision, Precision Stainless, Seitz Stainless, Walker, Willflow, and many others.

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