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Cleveland Range LLC Blanchers Rotary TCCT-120-CC

Cleveland Model TCCT-120-CC, combination tumble chiller cook tank with 750 lbs or 120 gallon capacity with pounds or gallons of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 42" wide x 72" long x 30" deep Jacketed tank rated for 50 psi at -20 to 298 degrees F. 36" OD x 60" long electric driven perforated product cylinder; with baffles and access door with (2) hinged top covers and 2" end bottom discharge. Driven by 2 Hp gear motor with heat exchanger, pump and preset water levels with meat probe and water circulating pump. Control panel has programmable time / temperature controls with digital display. Electrical and plumbing enclosed in stainless steel housing. Mounted on (4) stainless steel legs.

OAD: ___"L x __" W x __ " H

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