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ETC Sterilizer Double Door RM4000410

  • Manufacturer: ETC
  • Model Number: RM4000410
  • Frain Number: 5D9001

ETC RM4000410, Double door, 316L S/S, Hi-vacuum, air over pressure steam sterilizer. Has 316L S/S internal chamber with dimensions of: 96" L x 48" W x 54" H and has double, flow thru pneumatic powered, swing open locking chamber doors. 304 S/S outer shell and jacket rated at max 40psi @ 300 Deg F, and min of -20 Deg F @ 82.5 psi, and compressed air of 15scfm @ 100 psi internal steam, and 15 gpm water use at 30-50 psi. and steam: 850 lbs/hr @ 50 – 80 psi.

OAD: 123"L x 88"W x 124"H

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