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Lyco Blanchers Rotary 48"OD BLANCHERS

  • Manufacturer: Lyco
  • Model Number: 48"OD BLANCHERS
  • Frain Number: 5H6291

Lyco Model 48" OD, all stainless steel construction, rotary drum blancher and mobile drum dryer with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials, application, product being run and cook times. Equipped with 48" OD x 148" Long drum, were product can be blanched or cooked with built in CIP system and Hydro-Flow agitation, which keeps product suspended as it continuously moves thru the system for even, uniform cooking. Flip up, counter weight cover with (2) top steam vents and 24" long x 16" wide gravity fed in feed end product chute with 72" in feed height and 39" long x 15" wide end product discharge chute with 44" discharge height. 5" OD and 2" OD bottom sanitary piping with 5 Hp end motor drive and (2) stainless steel centrifugal pumps, one has 3" and 3-3/4" in feed / discharge ports and other one has 1-1/2" and 1-1/2" in feed / discharge ports. Remote control panel has A/B controller and A/B panelview with cooker, cooler auger, drain belt speed control dials, start, stop, e-stop push buttons and chart recorder. Mounted on (6) leg stainless steel frame with side mounted, 2 step, stainless steel platform. Also has a mobile, stainless steel, 58" OD x 64" Deep rotary drum dryer with 4" OD side sanitary port and 23-1/2" product in feed / discharge ports with 33" long x 17" wide discharge chute. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters.

OAD: 216" L x 84" W x 86" H Blancher
74" L x 72" W x 84" H Dryer

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Lyco Cutter, Slicer Peeler 8000E BULL JR

  • Manufacturer: Lyco
  • Model Number: 8000E BULL JR
  • Frain Number: R31752

Lyco, Model 8000E Bull Jr, heavy duty, stainless steel, roller style peeler and scrubber with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with (8) 80" long x 5" OD rollers (7 abbrasive and 1 bristle scrub brush) powered by (4) 3 hp drives, 21" OD x 80" long stainless steel product screw feed system. 18" x 13" discharge chute with 46" ground clearence and powered by 2 Hp motor drive. Mounted on (4) leg stainless steel frame.

OAD: 140"L x 53"W x 78"H

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Lyco Filter 24"

  • Manufacturer: Lyco
  • Model Number: 24"
  • Frain Number: 5H4302

Lyco, 24" wide stationary-screen dewatering separator. Unit rated up to 100 GPM depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. Equipped with a 4¾"OD/4"ID Tri-Clamp style top product charge into trough with 2½"OD / 2" ID Tri-clamp bottom water supply fitting, 24" wide x 48" long x 15" deep resivoir with 2½"OD / 2"ID Tri-clamp discharge with 4" ground clearance and 17" wide x 14" long screen with (1/32)" gaps and 22" ground clearance.

OAD: 55"L x 32"W x 36"H

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