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Talc is usually a powder. Salt is usually a granule. Powders can be difficult to handle. When mixing two powders, or a powder and granule together, they may not mix uniformly or may separate in handling. Granulation is a process of transforming either a single powder or multiple products, into uniform granules using granulators.

Granulation processes can be wet or dry. Wet processes mix the dry product with a liquid to form a dough or slurry which is then died and broken into pieces. The different materials bid together in the process. The pieces are forced through a screen that sizes them into uniform granules.

Dry granulators compact the powder or mix into solid clumps. Compaction is often by forcing the powder through a pair of compaction rolls. Once compacted, the agglomeration is forced through a screen, resulting in uniformly sized granules.
The granulation process with use ofย  granulator may result in fines or undersized granules. These can be removed with a secondary screening operation.

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