Aesus Labeling Systems Labeler P/S Spot DELTA POUCH

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Aesus Model Delta, automatic, single or dual side servo driven, stainless steel, empty pre-made pouch labeling system with number of labels per minute – depending on materials, application and label applicator. Equipped with dual pouch elevators both have 24" long x 3-1/4" wide vertical pouch transfer belts with 2-1/4" x 2" long pouch carriers on 6" centers, to 52" long dual eagle belt pouch in feed belt. Herma Model H400-16L top labeler applicator (and can run with bottom labeler also). has standard labeling speeds up to 130 feet per minute with number of pouches per application. Label widths to 6.3" with accuraces of + / – 0.01". Has 12" OD label reel and 7" OD rewind reel with 7" peel plate and 8" top / 9" bottom compression rollers has touch pad controller with read out and 30 pre-set functions, hand crank adjustable and 10 x 12 pouch catch bin.
Control panel has A/B PLC and A/B touch pad controls with read out and elevator up / down main counter and send signal to the label applicator. Mounted on stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 120" L x 36" W x 72" H

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