Adco Manufacturing Inc Case Set-Up, Tray Tray Glue 6HD Adco Manufacturing Inc Case Set-Up, Tray Tray Glue 6HD Consolidated / Pneumatic Scale Capper 6 Head (Capper) 6HD

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Adco, Model AFCX-30-7-EC, automatic, dual head top load tray former with hot melt glue sealer, rated from 5 to 30 cycles per minute each head – depending on materials and application. Tray size range: 3" to 17" in Length; 3" to 16" in Width: ¾" to 4½" in Height – depending on blank format. Capable of handling flat blank sizes up to 20" in Length and 18" in Width. Equipped with dual 23" long blank tray magazine, dual vacuum suction cup recipicating pick-in-place’s, dual mechanical tray forming heads, no tray / no form photo eyes and Nordson hot melt glue system with interlock safety guarding. Control panel switch controls for carton pick, glue guns, jog / run and speed. Push button start, stop and e-stop. Mounted on heavy duty base frame with leveling legs.

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