New Brunswick Tank Fermentor 1.85 GAL

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New Brunswick, model SF116 316 stainless steel, benchtop sterilize-in-place fermentor with a 7 liter vessel. Features an integral heating system to automatically sterilize the system, quick heat-up and cool-down, two-gas mixing, a sampling port, pH probe, dissolved oxygen probe, a galvanic probe, a polargraphic probe, agitation, sparger, recorder, dissolved oxygen controller, pH controller, and pump module. Equipped with illuminated 2 1/4"W by 11 1/2"H sight glass, 1 1/2" threaded O.D. port, and controls for agitation (on/off), vessel view lamp (on/off) agitation control, temperature set point (on/off), temperature control, sterilization temp control (on/off), main sparger, sparger steam, inlet filter condensate, drain steam, exhaust condensate, rapid cooling, main water, and cooling control. Veseel has a national board number of 158, and a max allowable working pressure of 35psi at 300F.

OAD: 30"L x 25"W x 33"H

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