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The Question of Price

With every machine we sell at Frain, of course, there’s always the question of price.

Paying different prices is a part of life.  Some prices are more obvious than others.  For example, you don’t typically consider the price of gas and time when you drive to a store to buy a shirt.

Likewise, equipment buyers don’t always make the most important considerations when signing off on price, while the true price of the machine becomes clearer over time and many times too late.

For example, if you don’t get the machine on time, there’s likely an expense to your business in terms of market share, productivity, etc.

Furthermore, waiting months to receive a machine or replacement parts can also add to expenses in terms of downtime.

And, purchasing a machine that isn’t supported by an installation and/or servicing staff can also add time, frustration, loss of labor, and lost revenue.

Beyond considering all of these angles…

Our advice is to break price down into what a machine is really costing you per package or product item per minute or even second.

You’ll also want to consider what it’s costing you per day or even minute in not having the equipment Vs having it.

The more obvious the benefit or more clear you can equate price to your operation the better for everyone.

Frain uniquely provides equipment to customers fast.  We also provide rental options, which allow customers to return equipment or complete packaging lines when finished using and pay only for what they used.

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