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Reciprocating air compressors use pistons and valves to compress air. Air at atmospheric pressure is drawn into the compression chamber through a one-way valve. As the piston cycles, it decreases the amount of volume in the chamber while maintaining the same amount of air in the chamber, thereby increasing the pressure of the air in the chamber. The air then exits to be used.

The system is know as reciprocating because the system works with pairs of pistons and as on piston compresses the chamber the other piston expands it – providing a continuous flow of compressed air.

Reciprocating Equipment In Stock

Burton Corblin / Gas & Air Sys Compressor, Air Reciprocating P123-HG335 200S

Burton Corblin Model P123-HG335 200S Reciprocating Air Compressor, Series BCC, Serial Number 26913, 190-NM3H, Unit is Skid Mounted with ABB 86KW (115 HP)/1770 RPM/ 60Hz/ 3Ph Drive Motor and Control Panel. Rated at 600 (42 Bar) PSI Discharge Pressure. Unit also has an Ingersoll Rand Model CAF-CV1 Intake Air Filter/Silencer. Previously Operating in Large PET Bottling Facility With Bottle Blow Molder.

OAD: 80"L x 112"W x 92"H

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