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A double cone powder mixer is actually two cones, one inverted into the other, to form the double cone with the mixer rotated about the widest portion of the top and bottom cones. The batch mixer is loaded from the top and the contents allowed to inter mix caused by the rotation of the mixer. Double cone powder mixers can also be jacketed and they can have an intensifier bar along the rotation axis to facilitate breakdown of clumpy materials. Double cone powder mixers can also have liquid addition nozzles along this rotation axis.

Double Cone Equipment In Stock

Gemco Mixer Powder Double Cone 1 CU FT

  • Manufacturer: Gemco
  • Model Number: 1 CU FT
  • Frain Number: 5D2964

1 cu ft working capacity, rated for a bulk density on average of 65 lbs working capacity per cu ft. 316 S/S double cone tumble mixer, has a liquid solids bar, 11 1/2" hinged cover charge port with a 4"diameter butterfly valve discharge. Nema-7 control panel including motor starter, start/stop push buttons, fuse block. Swing diameter of 65 1/2".

OAD:58”L x 36”W x 50”H

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Mixer Powder Double Cone 78 CU FT

  • Model Number: 78 CU FT
  • Frain Number: 5F6254

78 cu ft working capacity, stainless steel, double cone mixer. Mixing chamber dimensions: 124" in Length; 72" in diameter; 48" slant walls and 28" straight wall; 78" distance from floor to center shaft. Equipped with 16" ID end product ports with bolt down covers, swing diameter of 124" and 72" discharge height. Control panel with start, stop and e-stop. 25 hp belt to motor drive and is mounted on heavy duty " A" base frame.

OAD: 118" L x 108" W x 156" H With Cone Vertical
114" H With Cone Horiz

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Patterson Processing Mixer Powder Double Cone 8 CUFT

8cu ft, 304 S/S, double cone tumble blender. 3" diameter shaft with 124 final rpm, and a swing arm radius of 66" with a 19" diameter inlet with flip up bolt down lid, and a 6" diameter discharge with butterfly valve and 12" discharge height, and has locking frame which a forklift can lift the unit off through openings on the frame.

5 cu ft Mixing module Available at Additional Cost

OAD: 80"L x 60"W x 76" H

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