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Mechanical powder presses are designed to press or compress powder into a solid form. Mechanical powder presses are designed to fill a container that is usually made of metal with a certain volume of powder. The mechanical powder press then indexes the container filled with powder underneath the press where a tooling head designed for the application compresses the powder within the container to form a solid piece of product. The force necessary to compress the powder in a mechanical powder press can be generated mechanically or hydraulically. Mechanical powder presses are most often used in the cosmetics industry to create press powder make-up products.

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Kemwall Press Mechanical MARK IV 1-Color Cosmetic Powder Press

  • Manufacturer: Kemwall
  • Model Number: MARK IV
  • Frain Number: 5C8712

Automatic hydraulic single color powder press is capable of up to 30 compacts per min. on a single tooling set up and up to 60 compacts per min. on a double. The godet size range is from 20 mm to 89mm with a maximum depth of 8mm. Unit is equipped with 36" long infeed conveyor, powder hopper with auger stirrer (for free flowing products), cloth feed (filters out air and prevents powder from sticking to punch), and automatic discharge. Hydraulic PSI can be adjusted from 200 – 2,000 PSI. Overall dimensions: 67"H x 33"W x 75"L.

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