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Holmatic /Oystar Sealer Tray Inline CBS-36

Automatic, intermittent motion, inline, two station, 8 head, container sealer rated up to 240 containers per minute – depending on materials and application. Container Size: 38mm to 127mm in Diameter; 76mm to 203mm in Height; Rectangular Container 38mm to 114mm in Length and Width. Equipped with a 96" long x 4.5" wide Delrin infeed conveyor, starwheel, rotary product pusher, adjustable chain carrier system currently set on 4-3/4" centers, two 4-head sealing stations, no container no seal, auto film unwind/rewind, A/B PLC, A/B Panel View, Interlocking Lexan safety guarding, and a 60" long discharge conveyor. Mounted on height adjustable legs.

OAD: 288" L x 72" W x 96" H

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Anchor Sealer Tray Inline AL300X

  • Manufacturer: Anchor
  • Model Number: AL300X
  • Frain Number: 5G5620

Anchor, Model AL300X, semi-automatic, inline tray sealer rated from 5 to 30 cycles per minute, with number of trays per minute – depending on materials, application and operator dexterity. Roll stock unit equipped with 60" long x 9 wide chain conveyor, 6" diameter x 7" heated seal drum and maximum film roll capacity of 10" long. Control panel with start / stop buttons, temperature controller, conveyor speed dial forward / reverse switch. Mounted on base frame with exit ramp and casters has 33" in feed and discharge height.

OAD: 71"L x 32"W x 50"H

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Holmatic /Oystar Sealer Tray Inline CBS-18-3

Holmatic Model CBS-18-3, automatic, inline, 3 head, stainless steel, intermittent motion, tamper evident membrane heat sealer rated from 20 to 120 trays per minute – depending on materials and application Container size range: 1-1/2" to 5-1/2" in Diameter, or 1-1/2" to 4-1/4" in Width rectangle x 3" to 12" in Height with proper change parts. Equipped with 48" long x 4-1/2" wide table top product conveyor with worm screw in feed, indexing 3 containers at a time into 100" long product cradle belt (sized for specific container), 3 head rotary die cut, for non-perforated poly laminated film, or foil, with 3 head heat sealer, 18" wide maximum film roll, with film scrap rewind, A/B controller with cup sensor, conveyor power and speed controls (3) Omeron heat seal controllers. Mounted on stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 132" L x 43" W x 82" H

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