Mitigating Risk with Borrowed Equipment

As consumers grow even more fickle with hyper-explosion in CPG product variety – many times Frain customers are left trying to do more with less.

This often means getting more produced from fewer resources including people and funding.

But it also means that companies must avoid putting all their eggs in one basket.

You can’t bank on one new package, flavor variation, or great idea. You need to launch several simultaneously and keep funding winners while having the ability to pull back on bad investments as quickly as possible.

Frain enables companies with flexible financing terms and speed to market services which make us uniquely positioned to help companies expand production or get a quick read on new ideas.

We have thousands of machines ready to be configured to any application and deployed quickly under rental or lease terms.

You don’t have to sell the “one” idea that you think has the best chance to win anymore. Let the market decide.

You can now focus on executing more flavors, packaging variation, etc. than your competition with rental and rapid deployed machinery.

With rental terms, you can return the equipment used to launch less profitable projects and place new funding towards new tests.

Recycling machinery barely used along with new machinery and components is something that we’ve excelled in for over 35 years.

Aside from being eco-friendly, the speed and flexibility in which we provide “borrowed” machinery are the ultimate insurance we provide our customer to help them minimize risk and maximize margins and revenue.

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