Overflow Fillers

Volumetric fillers fill to a precise volume that is not required for many products. Level fillers fill to a specific level in the container and are usually simpler to own and operate. Simpler also means less costly. Overflow fillers are the most common level filling architecture and in this month’s video John Henry explains how they work.

Ladders on the Line

Ladders are often needed during changeover. When the proper ladders is not available substitutes may be used with potentially disastrous results. In this month’s changeover tip John Henry discusses the problems with ladders and some techniques to eliminate their use by building them into machines.

Quick Change Sprockets

Why is a packaging line like a bicycle?

Modern packaging machines are usually driven by individual motors and synchronized electronically. Some older lines still use a single motor to drive 2 or more machines. This can be a problem when the relative speeds of the machines change.

In this video John discusses a poucher/cartoner combination that ran 1, 2 or 3 pouches per carton. Changeover of the sprockets was time consuming. John shows how mounting multiple sprockets reduced changeover from an hour to minutes.

Servo Automated Setup

Automated machine setup is great for making setup faster, easier and more repeatable. The problem is that it is expensive and hard to tweak when needed. This month’s changeover tip shows a servo motor and control that can be retrofitted almost anywhere. Manual overrides make tweaks, when needed, easy.

Latching Clip

This month’s tip is a simple latch or clip with many applications. This example is available commercially from a number of sources and was formerly made by DZUS, which is excellent source for all types of quarter turn and other types of fasteners. The latch consists of three parts: a permanently mounted base, a sliding spring clip, and a mounted stud to engage the clip. This is an example of the clip used to attach changeable pusher plates to the push rods on a cartoner.

The Question of Price

With every machine we sell at Frain, of course, there’s always the question of price. Paying different prices is a part of life. Some prices are more obvious than others. For example, you don’t typically consider the price of gas and time when you drive to a store to buy a shirt.

Cost of Downtime and Calculation

Why reduce change-over time? A packaging line is more than just bags, bottles, and boxes – it’s money. When your line stops running, so too does your ability to make money. Minutes a day can add up to millions a year.

Setting Pneumatics

Air cylinders and other pneumatic devices are used throughout packaging machinery to pus, pull, hold, turn and more. Speed of an air cylinder is dependent on both pressure and flow. Most have a pressure gauge that allows accurate pressure setting. Most have needle valves to control flow but most of these needle valves have no position indication. This makes getting the setpoint correct a matter of guesswork.