Triple Your Production Efficiency with Line Improvements and NO CAPITAL

Are you looking to squeeze incremental cash flow out of your packaging lines?

Plug and Play Machinery Delivered in Less Than 6 Weeks

With Plug and Play machinery that’s tested, customized to your product and ready when it arrives …

Plug and Play Machinery: Get a Case Packer Tailored to Your Exact Product in just 2 Weeks

The good news: A customer had just received a big order from an e-commerce company. The bad news …

Plug and Play: Triple Your Production Efficiency WITHOUT Additional Capital

A contract packager that had just been purchased by a private equity company and needed to quickly improve their packaging line efficiencies …

How Frain’s Plug and Play Equipment Helped Big Confectionary Co Get Millions in Incremental Revenue

A global confectionery manufacturer came to Frain Industries with the opportunity to get millions in additional revenue by getting a new, innovative packaging out within a specific distribution channel. With Plug and Play machinery …

4 Ways to Grow Your CPG’s Innovation

If your job requires innovation in product or packaging, Frain can find a way to make your idea work with machines that already exist, and can help you make that product a reality.

3 Ways to Overcome Manufacturing Challenges

In manufacturing, ideas abound. But getting equipment moved costs time and money. So in an industry where you can’t see the future, saying “yes” to more ideas can make your company successful and set you up in a solid career.

How to be Fast and Aggressive in Manufacturing

In manufacturing, nothing beats aggressiveness. If you set up your line faster, get your first product running sooner, and ship it to stores earlier, you can win just based on that.

Get New Machinery FAST with Frain’s Pay-As-You-Go Financing

The importance of selecting the right machine for your packaging application can not be overstated.