Right Down to the Pallets

A customer called in and complimented Frain on how we build our pallets.  Furthermore, he wanted to talk to the person in charge of our pallets to learn and mimic our approach.

To get these details, we put him in touch with Dale Hammersmith, Frain’s Director of Field Service.

We’re also happy to share our pallet-building approach with you.  Please thumbs up, share, or link to this post if you find it useful!

Frain’s Pallet-Building Approach


  • 4”x6” runners
  • 2”x10” crosses or runners
  • Hex head lag bolts to attach 2”x10” runners
  • Carriage bolts on the front boards or bumpers as the heads are made flat to not ruin the concrete floor when pushed.
  • 4”x4” oak boards for strength across the front on the top with carriage bolts – where the fork lift picks up ensures the boards won’t rip out.

4”x6” runner ends are beveled where they meet the floor so it doesn’t catch on floor cracks when removed.

If it’s a heavy piece of machinery, we double the 2”x10” crosses to create an extra thick beam.

Skids are designed and measured so the machine is 100% inside the perimeter of the skid. This guarantees the skid can bump a wall or post and never damage the machine above it.

Finally, Frain paints the skids with specific colors to designate the type of machine on it for proper location in warehouse inventory.



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