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Savage Brothers Complete Line Candy ENROBING LINE

  • Manufacturer: Savage Brothers
  • Model Number: ENROBING LINE
  • Frain Number: R31810

Savage Brothers (W.C. Smith) Complete, 24" wide, automatic, inline, stainless steel, chocolate enrobing decorating and cooling line with number of product per minute / hour – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel construction. Line consists of Savage Brothers product in feed conveyor to 24" wide Savage Brothers chocolate pre-bottomer with mesh belt, jacketed and heated tank with pump and cold plate transfer to Savage Brothers 24" wide chocolate enrober with removable heated chocolate reservoir tank and pump, mesh belt, variable speed blower and shaker to 24" wide Woody stringer with 125 lb chocolate melter and Savage Brothers 27" wide x 26′ long cool down converyor. All mounted on stainless steel frames with leveling legs, individual controls and connecting conveyors.

OAD: ___" L x __" W x __" H

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APV Baker Complete Line Candy 250/C8

  • Manufacturer: APV Baker
  • Model Number: 250/C8
  • Frain Number: 5E4631A

APV Baker Model 250/C8, Hard candy kitchen and depositing line rated from 50 to 405 kg’s of product per hour with outputs of 500 to 2,600 pieces per minute -depending on size, materials and applicaiton. Cooking kitchen consists of express dissolver with 300 liter stainless steel mixing vessel, 450 liter stainless steel kettle with 3 blade prop style agitation. APV Baker microfilm and turbofilm cooking systems with 2 zone plate and frame heat exchangers, lobe transfer pumps, vacuum system and control panel. Bran Luebbe color / flavoring additive mixing, metering and feeding system.

Depositing line consists of APV Baker model 250 split hopper, double row depositor with with dual split product hoppers (20) stainless steel pistons each side total of 40 per hopper capable of 10 to 65 strokes/minute at 40 pieces per stroke. APV Baker ambient cooling tunnel measuring 20′ Long x 48" Wide with control panel with A/B PLC.

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Klockner Hansel USA Crosio Complete Line Candy ROTOMATE/STRADA

Klockner Hansella, complete weighing, dissolving, rotary vacuum cooking and forming system rated from 300 kg’s to 1000 kg’s of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Can be used for hard candy, hard candy with center fillings, soft caramels, jelly and chewy candy products. Line consists Rotomat continous roto cooking system which is a crystal free dissolving, pre cooking and vacuum cooking system for sugar water glucose slurry with continuous steam heat, holding tank and transfer pumps and a downstream Caramaster for the caramelisation process. Strada forming system for continuous production of formed sweets (unfilled, highly filled liquid) laminated for hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, eclairs production of unfilled up to highly filled quality candy with 15mm to 180mm per hour rope speeds, Consisting of batch roller with (6) stainless steel conical, ribbed rollers measuring 72" Long x 4" Diameter at base and, 1-1/2" Diameter at tip and is used to shape product into a 4 roller rope stringer system for precise centering of the filling mass within the sugar rope through the roller head of the rope sizing machine, to rope cutter and then to the cooling tunnel with chiller and air handling system.

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