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Complete Line – The category for complete lines, or complete production lines or complete packaging lines, is somewhat misleading. The complete line category refers to a series of machines that are producing in sequence in a single production line. Because complete line machines are running together, the machines have been integrated to work with one another. However, Frain has extensive knowledge in regard to selecting and integrating individual machines into a complete line for an application. When creating a complete line for individual machines, careful attention must be paid to the transfer of product and packages from one machine and process to another machine and process. Frain has engineered services that are capable of integrating the various machines together into a complete line including the product and package transfers between machines and processes.

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Complete Line Cosmetic PLOTTER LINE

  • Model Number: PLOTTER LINE
  • Frain Number: 5J0800

Complete, automatic, inline, soap bar finishing line with number of bars per minute and hour – depending on materials and application. Line consists of product hopper, double arm sigma mixer, 3 roll mill, bar stamper, soap plodder refiner, main control panel and all machines have individual start, stop and e-stop push buttons.

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Lyco Complete Inline Cooker / Cooler Pouch Pasteurizer

  • Manufacturer: Lyco
  • Model Number: COOKER / COOLER
  • Frain Number: M11182

Lyco complete inline cooker / cooler pouch pasteurizer. Equipped with an inclined belt feeder. (2) rotary 72″ diameter x 96″ long cookers and (1) 72″ diameter x 192″ long cooler with 14″ wide table top belts connecting each process. Complete line has centrifugal pumps, air blowers and a …

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Pneumatic Scale Complete Line Liquid 24 HEAD

Pneumatic Scale, Complete, automatic, stainless steel, net weigh filling and capping line rated from 20 to 200 containers per minute – depending on materials and application. All 316 stainless steel contact parts. Line consists of Pneumatic Scale 24 head net weigh filler and 8 head capper with 3A Pneumatic Scale cap sorter and is line shaft driven. Container screw feed between filler and capper for positive container handling with positive cut off nozzles, no bottle / no fill, CIP system, 35 gallon jacketed pressure supply tank and interlocked lexan guarding. Control panel has touch screen interface controller. Mounted on heavy duty frame. Last running cough syrup.

OAD: 98" L x 78" W x 102" H

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PSG Lee / PPI Inc Complete Line Food RP8-24-T/Z

PSG Lee / PPI Ind, Complete, intermittent motion, weigh, fill and seal pre-made pouch system with number of pouches per minute – depending on materials and application. System consists of Ohlson, Model MHW-CW10, rotary combination, weigh scale system with strain gauge load cells has weight capacity range of: 10 to 3000 grams with accuracies of ± 1gram, stainless steel linear feed pan, (10) stainless steel feed buckets, (10) stainless steel weigh buckets and stainless steel collating discharge chute with feed bucket elevator. PSG Lee Model RP8-T/Z-24, automatic, intermittent motion, (8) station rotary, stainless steel, pre-made pouch filler and sealer. Pouch size range: 3.9" to 9.4" in Width; 13.8" in Length. Capable of handling various pouch styles flat and stand-up. Fill range: per product and application. 72" long (3) eagle belt automatic pre-made pouch magazine, recipecating suction cup pic-n-place with (8) pouch stations on a rotary disc, one station each for pouch placement, top zipper opener, bottom gusset opener, pouch top opener, fill station with product settler and no pouch / no fill, and has optional second fill station or gas flush or coupon inserter, 11" wide x 1-1/4" thick heated top seal bar with top water cooling bar and has 43" long x 11" wide neophreme discharge belt conveyor to inclined transfer conveyor with vari speed controls. Control panel has A/B CPU with PSG and Ohlson touch screen interface, with readout and statis light bar. Mounted on stainless steel mezzanine and has base frames with interlock safety guarding.

OAD: 130" L x 70" W x 70" H PSG Poucher
___" L x __" W x __" H Complete System

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Groninger Complete Line Liquid KFVG 211 A

  • Manufacturer: Groninger
  • Model Number: KFVG 211 A
  • Frain Number: 5D0201A

Groninger Model KFVG211A, complete vial washing sterilizing, filling, stoppering and aluminum crimping system with number of vials per minute – depending on materials and application. Vial diameter: 10mm to 100mm and 30mm to 200mm in Height. Fill volume: 3ml to 270ml. Stopper size: 13mm to 28mm all with proper change parts. Line consists of all Groninger machines starting with Model FSA tray in feed conveyor to worm screw, star wheel indexing to Model ASV100, 12 station rotary vial washer with siliconization to Groninger Model STS 3226L depyrogenation tunnel oven with 14" wide x up to 10" high aperture x 105" long tunnel with conveyor belt width of 12-1/2" and sections that evenly heat, sterilize, cool and depyrogenizes vials with low pressure pre filters and high presuure Hepa filters. Groninger Model KFVG 211A monoblock system has a filler with (4) dosing stations currently set up for (2), bottom up fill and no container / no fill, has stopper inserter and aluminum crimp capper with 16" OD stopper and aluminum cap vibratory bowl feeders, automatic rejection system for no stopper / no cap detection and 204" long x 2-1/2" wide vial discharge plastic flex link belt conveyor. (3) Control panels (1) main and (2) onboard have filtration, ventilation, air velocity, heating, cooling, slicone, sterilizing, bowl feed, filling, stoppering, crimping and conveyor controls with digtial readouts, chart recorder and start, stop, e-stop push buttons. All mounted on stainless steel frames.

OAD: 332" L x 112" W x 97" H

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PMI Complete Line Container HS1.15

  • Manufacturer: PMI
  • Model Number: HS1.15
  • Frain Number: 5H9437

PMI, Complete, automatic, continuous motion, servo driven, horizontal cookie packaging line with number of cartons and product per minute – depending on material and application. Equipped with (2) right angle turn product in feed conveyors with 96" long x 2" wide belts, to (2) product transfer conveyors (1) 162" long and (1) 130" long with 7-1/2" wide belts and 9-1/2" long x 9-1/4" wide x 5" deep fixed product buckets, dual robotic (3) head with 10 suction cups each product pick n place machines. PMI Model FB-PK-HS-02311, automatic (4) chains adjustable, horizontal cartoner set on 15" centers with 2-1/4" high x 4-1/2" high lugs, 64" long automatic single belt blank carton magazine, (3) head rotary pic-n-place with top product hold down, barrel cam loader, Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue system, carton flap tuckers and closing belts, no-carton, no-fill and no-product, no-carton controls with side compression and discharge belts. Control panel has A/B controls and A/B swing arm controller with panel view and has start, stop, reset and e-stop push buttons with statis lights bars. All Mounted on heavy duty frames with interlock safety guarding and leveling legs.

Markem Lazer Coder Available At Additional Cost

OAD: 596" L x 112" W x 94" H Total Line

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Cozzoli Complete Line Pharmaceutical RFPCL

  • Manufacturer: Cozzoli
  • Model Number: RFPCL
  • Frain Number: 5H6493

Cozzoli Model RFPC, Complete, automatic, stainless steel, liquid fill, plug, cap, pack-off and labeling line with number of containers per minute – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel construction. Line consists of: Cozzoli 36" OD disc unscrambler with feed table to 96" long x 3" wide plastic delron container conveyor with air blow cleaner and worm screw to star wheel in feed and discharge. Cozzoli Model RFPC monoblock filler, plugger, capper. Fill range up to: 120cc. Vial size range: 13mm to 57mm OD x 32mm to 152mm in Height. Plugger size range: 8mm to 29mm. Cap size range: 8mm to 32mm. Maximum piston size up to: 120cc. (all with proper change parts). Equipped with (2) head PD filler. (8) head rotary plugger and cap feeder with feed bowls, (2) head screw capper to Cozzoli 36" disc accumulator. Remote control panel has A/B CPU with A/B panelview touch pad controller has main drive, plug and cap bowl, cap spin speed and vacuum control dials, with start, stop and e-stop push buttons controls.
Newman Model NV2, inline, stainless steel, pressure sensetive wrap labeler. Label size: (3/8)" to 5½" in Length; (3/8)" to 4½" in Height. Label Roll: 12" OD on 2-1/2" core. Container size: (5/8)" to 6" OD. Equipped with 94" long x 4" wide plastic Delrin container conveyor, with spacer gating wheel, 12" OD label roll on 2-1/2" core and 1-1/4" OD label rewind spool, 4-1/2" wide stripper plate, 10" OD wrap applicator and compression drum and laser coder. Control panel has PLC controller, with A/B panelview touch pad controller and gating and multi-operator pack-off table. All mounted on stainless steel frames with leveling legs.

OAD: ___" L x ___" W x __" H

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Moline Complete Line Bakery DONUT LINE

  • Manufacturer: Moline
  • Model Number: DONUT LINE
  • Frain Number: 5H1360A

Moline Complete doughnut cutting, depositing, frying, cooling and sugar coating line with number of donuts per minute / hour – depending on type and size donut being run. Line consists of DCA stainless steel, 18 head dough cutter and depositor has dual donut dough hoppers, feeders and 18 cutting heads mounted over Moline direct gas fired, hot oil fryer has 230" long x 44" wide chamber with 40" of workable fry area, top and bottom roller conveyor sections with center in-line donut turner, modular exhaust hood that fits directly over fryer and pnuematically lowers and raises without ceiling supports. I J White (9)-tier, stainless steel, desending, spiral, ambient air cooling system with 30" wide total, 28" wide usable 1 x 1 stainless steel flex mesh product belt, has overall length of 640′ and effective cooling length of 582′ with 6" tier pitch and 11′ 10" product in feed and 6′ 10" product discharge heights. Moline continous, stainless steel, powdered, granulated or cinnamon sugar donut drum coating system has 24" ID x 88" long coating drum with 1" long x 1/2" wide inside perfs, 36" long in feed and 24" long discharge chutes and 10" OD end sugar recycle chute to stainless steel reclaim sugar bin with inner and outer paddles as well as 4" OD stainless steel bottom feed screw to 80" long incline cleated feeder with 6" wide belt and 1-1/2" high cleats set on 6" centers and cover. All mounted on stainless steel frames with individual controllers.

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Raque Complete Line Food 4580

  • Manufacturer: Raque
  • Model Number: 4580
  • Frain Number: 5H0812

Raque Model 4580 series, complete stainless steel, intermittent motion, tray denesting, filling, topping, and roll stock heat sealing line with number trays per minute – depending on materials, application and line configuration. Line consists of Raque (3) head reciprocating suction cup tray denester with 120" long workable x 24" wide (3) lane plastic flexlink tray conveyor sections with 3-1/2" long x 3/4" high lugs set on 10-3/4" centers, with (2) Raque topping dispenser on 93" long x 24" wide workable lugged conveyor section both with no tray / no fill sensors. Filled trays, are then conveyed to Raque (3) lane, roll stock, heat seal, die-knife cut sealer with 28" long film rolls on 1-1/2" cores roll stock film mandrels with 20′ long x 24" wide tray conveyor and (3) 9-1/4" long x 8-1/4" wide pnuematic pressure, heat sealing heads with die-knife cut-off and film scrap rewind. Control panel has CPU controls and control panel with digital display, on / off seal head switch and start, stop, e-stop push button controls. All mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frames.

OAD: 828" L x 60" W x 82" H

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Adco Manufacturing Inc Complete Line AFCXS-50-1-WD

  • Manufacturer: Adco
  • Model Number: AFCXS-50-1-WD
  • Frain Number: R29851

Adco Complete Tri Seal tray line consisting of Adco, Model AFCXS-50-1-WD automatic, single head tray former and Adco Model 16B-50-WD, hot melt glue tri-seal carton sealer rated from 5 to 40 cycles per minute with number of trays – depending on materials and application. Tray size range: 3" to 17" in Length; 4" to 8" in Width: 3/4" to 4.5" in Height. Capable of handling flat blank sizes up to 26" in Length and 23" in Width. Tray former has 24" long blank tray magazine, dual vacuum suction cup recipicating pick-in-place, mechanical tray forming heads, no tray / no form photo eyes with Nordson hot melt glue unit and vacuum system. 48" long, servo driven, single chain lugged feed conveyor with 1½" high lugs set on 24" centers feeding to 11¾" wide x 124" long intralox table top product operator hand load conveyor into continuous motion, lugged, tri seal carton closer with 60" long dual lugged chain feed conveyor set on 24" centers has 2" wide x 2-1/2" high lugs with 90-degree tray rotation section, to 132" long dual chain transport conveyor set on 24" centers with 60" long dual top flap and side flap closing and sealing conveyor with 22" long side compression section and has Nordson hot melt glue and vacuum systems with seko gauges. Both have control panels with A/B controllers and touch pad controls. Mounted on heavy duty base frames with leveling legs and cage style interlock safety guarding.

Videojet Laser Coder Available At Additional Cost

OAD: 95" L x 77" W x 102" H Tray Former
132" L x 90" W x 74" H Tri-Sealer
175" L x 34" W x 57" H Conveyor

375" L x 100" W x 102" H Total Together

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Loos Machine & Automation Complete Line Food PROCESSING LINE

Complete food processing line with stainless steel contact parts put together by Loos Machine and Automation. System starts with a wagon tote dumper that discharges into an inclined screw conveyor. The inclined screw meters the product into an Urschel, Model 1700, reduction mill. Complete line system controlled with an AB PLC.

OAD: 321"L x 86"W x 113"H

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Raque Complete Line Food 4500

  • Manufacturer: Raque
  • Model Number: 4500
  • Frain Number: 5H0458

Raque Model 4500 series, complete, stainless steel, tray denesting, filling, roll stock and heat sealing line with number trays per minute – depending on materials, application and line configeration. Line consists of: Raque Model 4504 tray denester with dual 36" long x 6" OD empty tray roller magazines, (2) head reciprocating pick-n-place, 120" long x 32" wide dual lane tray conveyor with fixed 6" OD pockets set on 8" centers, to 156" long x 32" wide dual lane feed conveyor to Raque Model 1284-12-1, dual head piston filler with 19" long x 18" wide x 20" deep stainless steel product hopper with fill range per application and proper change parts, currently set with dual 6" long x 2-1/2" ID pistons set on 8" centers with Model 1148-45-1liquid depositor product feed pump. Filled trays, then conveyed by 118" long x 32" wide dual lane transfer conveyor to Raque Model 4503-1 dual lane, roll stock, heat sealer and die cutter with 108" long x 32" wide dual lane in feed conveyor with dual 6" OD fixed pockets, dual film mandrels with 19" long film roll on 4" core and 9" long x 6" wide pnuematic pressure, heat sealer and die cut-off each lane, film rewind and 48" long x 32" discharge conveyor. Control panels have CPU controllers with touch screen controls and start, stop, e-stop push button and statis light bar. Mounted on stainless steel base frames with height adjustable legs and interlock safety guarding.

OAD: 552" L x 84" W x 80" H

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