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Moline Complete Line Bakery DONUT LINE

  • Manufacturer: Moline
  • Model Number: DONUT LINE
  • Frain Number: 5H1360A

Moline complete doughnut, cutting, depositing, frying, cooling and sugar coating line with number of donuts per hour – depending on type and size being run. Line consists of DCA stainless steel, 18 head donut dough cutter, depositor with dual dough hoppers, feeders and 18 cutting heads mounted over Moline direct gas fired, hot oil fryer with 230" long x 44" wide chamber with 40" of workable fry area, top and bottom roller conveyor sections with center in-line donut turner, modular exhaust hood fits directly over fryer and pnuematically lowers and raises without ceiling supports. I J White (9)-tier, stainless steel, spiral, desending, ambient air cooling system with 30" wide total, 28" wide usable 1 x 1 stainless steel flex mesh product belt, overall length of 640′ and effective cooling length of 582′ with 6" tier pitch and 11′ 10" product in feed and 6′ 10" product discharge heights, to Moline continous, stainless steel, powdered, granulated or cinnamon sugar donut drum coating system has 24" ID x 88" long coating drum with 1" long x 1/2" wide inside perfs, 36" long in feed and 24" long discharge chutes and a 10" OD end sugar recycle chute to stainless steel reclaim suger bin with inner and outer paddles as well as 4" OD stainless steel bottom feed screw to 80" long incline cleated feeder with 6" wide belt and 1-1/2" high cleats set on 6" centers with cover. All mounted on stainless steel base frames and have individual controllers.

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Winkler Complete Line Bakery BAGEL LINE

  • Manufacturer: Winkler
  • Model Number: BAGEL LINE
  • Frain Number: 5D9291

Winkler complete bagel forming line, capable of producing up to 2400 bagels per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configureation. Line consists of Winkler dough feeder, Admiral 4 pocket dough divider and rounder, 300mm wide transfer belt conveyor, intermediate proofer dryer, which takes moisture out of the bagel with tilt station. Thompson bagel machine has dough weighs between 30 to 135 grams, Mono rail system takes up and positions the bagels to 550mm and 1100mm wide collecting conveyor belts, single row 8 pocket indexer, proofer, setting machine with 1100mm wide belt. Last ran in bagel pilot plant, never ran in production.

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DFE / KAAK / Naegele Complete Line Bakery 6 ZONE

DFE / KAAK, complete cookie and bar processing, sheeting and baking line with volumes, speeds and bake times per hour – specific to type and size of product being run. Line consists of Vurslag dual sigma blade mixer, APV Baker (3) roll rotary dough moulder with pre feeder, dough sheeter and 72" long dough slitter, metal detector, DFE (6) zone, 44 meter long x 1.8 meter wide, direct gas fired baking oven with metal band belt, with (6) top mounted heat zone controllers, to guillotine cutter and then to carmel depositor. Sollich 10 meter cooling tunnel, to Sollich continuous flow top and bottom enrober with 84" long x 72" wide stainless steel mesh conveyor belt, Sollich 40 meter long x 1.8 meter wide thermoflow air cooling tunnel has neoprene belt with liquid air heat exchanger. All mounted on base frames.

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