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Complete powder filling lines are designed to dispense powder into a container. Complete powder filling lines have been designed for filling bags, plastic bottles, glass jars, or any of a number of different containers.

Complete powder filling lines often include some equipment for measuring the amount of powder to be fill, and some equipment to close or seal the container. In the case of plastic bottles and glass jars, complete powder filling lines often use cappers to apply a cap and tighten the cap on the container.

In the case of bags, complete powder filling lines can utilize any of a number of different types of bag sealing equipment. (See Sealer Bag for more information.)

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Thiele Complete Line Powder BAG FILLING

  • Manufacturer: Thiele
  • Model Number: BAG FILLING
  • Frain Number: 5E3224A

Thiele complete, automatic bag filling line rated from 2 to 6 bags per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Line consists of a Thiele bag hanger, Hapman screw feeder, Merrick weigh feeder, stainless steel hopper and St. Regis V-Trough discharge conveyor. Capable of handling bags: gusseted sewn open mouth or pinch bottom (Heat Seal) bags multi wall bags with (face width of 11" to 18"; Length of 25" to 37"; Gusset of 1.5" to 4.5"). Equipped with 144" long empty bag magazine, vacuum pick and place, screw feeder, 48" long loss in weight feeder, bag filling spout, and 264" long V-Trough discharge conveyor. Stainless steel contact parts.

Appropriate Bag Sealer available at additional cost.

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Bemis Complete Line Powder BAGLINE

  • Manufacturer: Bemis
  • Model Number: BAGLINE
  • Frain Number: 5E4580

Bemis / Doboy complete powder bag filling, sealing, and bundling line rated from 20 to 40 bags per minute – depending on materials and application Adjustable weight ranges from 2 lb to 10 lbs. Equipped with Bemis FF-108 (2) head, feeding and filling machine, Doboy GS1000 hot glue bag sealer. Great Lakes 16550-37CB shrink bundler with product collator, and single side product ram arm, and 37" wide seal jaw. Great lakes MP20/40/60/C4 shrink tunnel with 40" wide x 20" high apeture x 60" long chamber with 132" long x 39" wide nylon mesh conveyor belt. Last running 5 lb pre-formed bags of flour

OAD: 732" L x 100" W x 146" H

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