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Complete snack line, or complete snack processing lines, are designed to produce some type of snack foods. Complete snack lines can include lines for producing tortilla chips, onion inspecting / peeling / cutting lines, and bar coating lines.

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Casa Herrera Complete Line Snack

Casa Herrera, complete, stainless steel tortilla chip processing line. Rated from 300 to 1600 pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Line consists of Casa Herrera Model CG, stone mill with 14" OD stones and 2" OD screw that feeds the corn between the stones with 30 Hp. motor drive. Product is then conveyed through the Masa Feeder, which is a feed hopper with twin screws. The product is forced into 1" sheet above the sheeter rolls. The sheeter is a Model S-1600 which forces the product through (2) Rolls into a sheet and presses a set of cutting dies up against the sheet to cut out the desired chip. All mounted on stainless steel frames.

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Ohlson Complete Line Snack MHW-14F

  • Manufacturer: Ohlson
  • Model Number: MHW-14F
  • Frain Number: R30250

Ohlson Packaging, complete combination weigh scale, bag filling system with number of bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Line consists of Olsen stainless steel bucket elevator with 15" long x 4½" wide x 3½" deep plastic buckets and has 26" long bottom feed horizontal run, to 142" long vertical run, to 72" long top horizontal run with 150" discharge height into the Ohlson 14 head stainless steel combination weigh scale system with strain gauge load cells and has a weight range from 25 to 500 grams with accuracies of ± 0.5 grams, capacities from 500ml to 2500ml. Has product in feed funnel, with (14) 11½" long vibratory linear feed pans to (14) 6" long x 4¾" wide x 9" deep feed buckets, to (14) 6" long x 4¾" wide x 9" deep weigh buckets and 10" wide x 30" long product collating discharge chutes. Mounted on 78" x 78" stainless steel platform with stair access and safety rail guarding and to Bandrite, Model 6000 automatic, continuous motion, band style, bag sealer, with bag trim station, 1 line coder, ¾" wide heat sealing bar and cooling bar, angled sealing and tilt away drive head, non-marking carrier belts with adjustable running speeds and temperature controls up to 600 Deg F. Hand crank height adjustable and 6" wide x 100" long belt conveyor with adjustable guides and powered by a ¼ Hp drive.

OAD: 168" L x 72" W x 166" H Feeder, Scale Platform
110" L x 40" W x 59" H Bag Sealer

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Ohlson Complete Line Snack 14 HEAD/FFS

  • Manufacturer: Ohlson
  • Model Number: 14 HEAD/FFS
  • Frain Number: R27960A

Ohlson, complete form, fill, seal line with 14 head, combination weigh scale system, rated from 5 to 80 weighs per minute with number of bags – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel construction. Line consists of Ohlson 14 head rotary combination weigh scale system with strain gauge load cells, weight capacity range: 10 to 3000 grams and accuracy of ± 1 gram. (14) 11½" long stainless steel vibratory product feed conveyors to (14) 6" long x 4¾" wide x 8" deep stainless steel weigh buckets, to (14) 6" long x 4¾" wide x 6" deep stainless steel feed buckets with dual discharge chutes. Ohlson Model VFFX-539, stainless steel, continous motion, vertical form, fill, seal machine. Bag size range: 3" to 9" in Width; 2" to 11" in length. Has dual side film positioning belts, servo drive motor, film detection, tracking and registration with 10" wide seal jaws and 11" long lap seal. Maximum film roll: 15" OD x 19.5" Wide. Come with product bucket elevator with 27" long x 9" wide vibratory product feed conveyor, 31½" long x 31½" wide x 19" deep product hopper and 15" long x 4½" wide x 2½" deep plastic buckets. 60" long incline cleated discharge conveyor with 10" wide white flexlink belt and 1" high lugs set on 9" centers to 46" OD disc accumulator. 80" long x 80" wide x 83" high and stainless steel platform with access stairs and 42" high safety guard rails.

OAD: 180" L x 168" W x 164" H

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