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Complete liquid filling lines are designed to fill liquids into a plastic bottle, a glass jar, or some other type of container. Complete liquid filling lines are designed with one rotary or in-line liquid filler and one rotary or in-line container capper. The liquid filler designed into a complete liquid filling line can measure the liquid to be filled using a number of different methods. (See Filler Liquid for more information.) The proper type of filler needed for a complete filling line is dependant on the type of liquid being filled, the type of container being filled, and other application specifications. Complete liquid filling lines are also designed with a capper to place caps onto the containers that have been filled.

The capper needed for the complete filling line is based on the type of cap to be applied, the type of container to be capped, and other application specifications. (See Capper for more information.) Complete liquid filling lines can also be designed with other pieces of equipment such as bulk plastic unscramblers (See Unscramber / Bulk Plastic for more information), labelers (See Labelers for more information), induction sealers (See Capper / Induction Sealer for more information), tamper evident cappers (See Capper / Tamper Evident for more information), or any of a number of other machines that can provide additional capabilities to the complete liquid filling line.

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Pneumatic Scale Complete Line Liquid 24 HEAD

Pneumatic Scale, Complete, automatic, stainless steel, net weigh filling and capping line rated from 20 to 200 containers per minute – depending on materials and application. All 316 stainless steel contact parts. Line consists of Pneumatic Scale 24 head net weigh filler and 8 head capper with 3A Pneumatic Scale cap sorter and is line shaft driven. Container screw feed between filler and capper for positive container handling with positive cut off nozzles, no bottle / no fill, CIP system, 35 gallon jacketed pressure supply tank and interlocked lexan guarding. Control panel has touch screen interface controller. Mounted on heavy duty frame. Last running cough syrup.

OAD: 98" L x 78" W x 102" H

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Groninger Complete Line Liquid KFVG 211 A

  • Manufacturer: Groninger
  • Model Number: KFVG 211 A
  • Frain Number: 5D0201A

Groninger Model KFVG211A, complete vial washing sterilizing, filling, stoppering and aluminum crimping system with number of vials per minute – depending on materials and application. Vial diameter: 10mm to 100mm and 30mm to 200mm in Height. Fill volume: 3ml to 270ml. Stopper size: 13mm to 28mm all with proper change parts. Line consists of all Groninger machines starting with Model FSA tray in feed conveyor to worm screw, star wheel indexing to Model ASV100, 12 station rotary vial washer with siliconization to Groninger Model STS 3226L depyrogenation tunnel oven with 14" wide x up to 10" high aperture x 105" long tunnel with conveyor belt width of 12-1/2" and sections that evenly heat, sterilize, cool and depyrogenizes vials with low pressure pre filters and high presuure Hepa filters. Groninger Model KFVG 211A monoblock system has a filler with (4) dosing stations currently set up for (2), bottom up fill and no container / no fill, has stopper inserter and aluminum crimp capper with 16" OD stopper and aluminum cap vibratory bowl feeders, automatic rejection system for no stopper / no cap detection and 204" long x 2-1/2" wide vial discharge plastic flex link belt conveyor. (3) Control panels (1) main and (2) onboard have filtration, ventilation, air velocity, heating, cooling, slicone, sterilizing, bowl feed, filling, stoppering, crimping and conveyor controls with digtial readouts, chart recorder and start, stop, e-stop push buttons. All mounted on stainless steel frames.

OAD: 332" L x 112" W x 97" H

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Evergreen Complete Line Liquid MONOBLOCK LINE

  • Manufacturer: Evergreen
  • Model Number: MONOBLOCK LINE
  • Frain Number: 5G8130

Evergreen, complete monoblock, liquid pressure gravity, yogurt bottle filling, capping and cartoning line rated from 90 to 300 bottles and 20 to 50 wraparound cartons per minute – depending on materials, application and pack pattern. All stainless steel construction. Line consits of: MTC gaylord container dumper, Pace 75 cu ft bulk bottle bowl bowl with Pace Model Omniline M500SSD bulk bottle unscrambling system to Evergreen / Ave Technoligies Model NHMLKEFS, 32 head, rotary, concentrated sanitizing, rinse water system with CIP unit, mounted on separte skid (with the controls and circulating system to be connected to in house source). 32 head rotary, electronic flow metering filler with diaphram valves for accurate fills and 8 head rotary stainless steel chuck capper with magnetic clutches, external torque adjustment, cap sanitzer tunnel and cap feeder (currently set for a 38mm flat screw caps both set on 5" centers). Enclosed environment design, with interlock lexan guarding and chamber flooded with class 100 HEPA air and remote control panel with Allen Bradley controller. All mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frames.

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