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Flexicon Feeder Auger TX03

  • Manufacturer: Flexicon
  • Model Number: TX03
  • Frain Number: 5G3922

Flexicon, 4" diameter x 67" long, screw conveyor rated from 10 to 60 cu ft of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Product hopper is 36” long x 36” wide x 28” deep equipped with a ½ Hp agitator, 4" diameter x 67" long stainless steel screw with 4½" diameter x 40" long poly tube. Powered by 5 Hp top drive motor. 7” diameter product discharge port with 43"discharge height. Control box features forward / reverse, stop and reset buttons with separate on / off switch for agitator. Mounted on locking casters.

OAD: 85"L x 45"W x 77"H

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Carruthers Equipment Co Feeder Auger

Stainless steel, 8½" diameter x 100" long, portable incline screw conveyor. Equipped with a 8½" diameter screw on a 2½" diameter shaft with 9" centers, 9½" wide hull, 36" long x 27" wide x 22" deep supply hopper (37" on low side & 50" on high side), 72" discharge height and Bottom mounted 2 Hp drive. Unit mounted on base with locking casters.

OAD: 92"L x 35"W x 94"H

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American Process Systems Feeder Auger TSC

Dual, 68"L x 9"W, S/S, covered trough style screw conveyors. Unit has a 10"L x 40"W OD / 8"L x 38"W flanged inlet with 1/4" bolt holes on 11" centers, (2) 68"L x 9" dia screw converyors with 3" diameter shafts and 4"centers, and (2) 10"L x 10"W discharges.

OAD: 82"L x 44"W x 21"H

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Conveyor Services Feeder Auger

Conveyor Services, bi-directional, twin screw auger feeder. Equipped with (2) 6" diameter screws on 2½" diameter shafts with 3" centers, 12 ft³ stainless steel product hopper measuring 40" long x 40" wide x 22" high and (2) 12" OD/ 8" ID flanged discharge ports with ½" bolt holes on 3" centers. Powered by (2) 2 hp drives with a 28:1 ratio for a final shaft speed of 60 rpm.

OAD: 146" L x 43" W x 34" H

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Design Metals Feeder Auger 325 CU FT

  • Manufacturer: Design Metals
  • Model Number: 325 CU FT
  • Frain Number: 5E7685

Design Metals, 325 cubic foot, stainless steel, live bottom feed bin. Equipped with 144" in Lengthh x 60" in Width x 68" in Depth total inner dimmension chamber, with slant bottom and has 144" in Length x 20" in Width x 16" in Depth bottom trough with 9" OD feed auger set on 3" OD shaft and (2) 9" OD top augers on 3" OD shafts. End bottom 14" x 14" OD flanged, 10" ID discharge port with (12) 1/2" OD bolt holes on 4" centers and 1.5 Hp end belt drive.

OAD: 194" L x 85" W x 96" H

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