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Feeder Weigh Auger machines use an auger or screw to feed a certain amount product. The number of rotations of the screw determines the amount of product that is fed. Designed for dry bulk product, powders, and slurries. Feeder weigh augers, which are also known as loss in weight feeder, uses a belt or auger to feed product. The amount of product fed is determined by weighing the amount of product that has been fed. Feeder weigh augers are designed for dry bulk product.

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WCB APV Anderson Cherry Burell Feeder Weigh 530

WCB / APV / Anderson, Model LF530, Automatic, stainless steel, weighing, feeding and blending system with gallons of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 19" ID x 17" Deep, 20 gallon, stainless steel ingredient hopper with (2) blade agitator, safety grid and see thru flip up molded plastic cover with automatic shut-off. Auger and blender tube with outlet, feed funnel has see-thru cover to rotor and scraper with enrobing case inlet. Control panel has controller with touch pad controls and start, stop, rotor, blender and agitator speed controls with auger and rotor speed indicators. Mounted on stainless steel frame with caster.
Designed to accurately and evenly meter ingredients into a viscous liquid product stream such as fruits and nuts (the ingredient), ice cream (the product) from a continous ice cream freezer and drop from the hopper into rotor enrobing chambers, deposits ingreidents to the product stream, blended and sent to filler.

OAD: 56" L x 24" W x 68" H

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