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The process for vertical paste type mixers are usually a batch operation where materials are fed into the mixer along with appropriate liquids and allowed to mix for the consistency required for making the products.

Materials are discharged out of the bottom of the mixer and pumps are used to facilitate removal of this normally stiff products. There are also vertical paste mixers that can be used in a continuous manner to enable dry powders to be metered into the mixer and the appropriate liquids are also metered into the mixer to achieve the required consistency.

Vertical Equipment In Stock

Oakes Mixer Paste Vertical 30SMV151

  • Manufacturer: Oakes
  • Model Number: 30SMV151
  • Frain Number: R26320

ET Oakes Model 30SMV151 batch, stainless steel, slurry mixer and transfer system rated to 500 lb batches with 4 to 9 minutes mix times per batch – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. 28" ID x 30" straight wall stainless steel mixing tank with half flip up bolt down cover with magnetic safety switch, two stationary pull out stator assemblies one each side and inner rotating mix blades with bottom platform mounted 15 Hp motor drive. Waukesha Model 60 postive displacement transfer pump with 3-1/2" OD threaded side inlet / outlets ports with twin wing rotors, O-Ring seals and 2 Hp motor drive ensures quick and total transfer of product and now mixer ready to receive another batch. A/B controller with push button controls, digital readout and A/C starter package, mounted on 68" long x 48" wide stainless steel platform with legs.

OAD: 60" L x 48" W x 57" H

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical LDM2

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: LDM2
  • Frain Number: R22951

Ross Model LDM2, 2 gallon jacketed double planetary mixer with orbital speeds from 20 to 100 rpm. Equipped with 100 psi steam jacket, vacuum cover permitting 29" Hg vacuum, model DS-2 hydraulic discharge press, (2) 3/4" ID threaded vacuum ports, vacuum gauge, (2) 3" inlets/sight glasses, safety switch, temperature probe and Sterling variable speed gear reducer. Mounted on casters.

OAD: 42"(L) x 22"(W) x 56"(H)

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical CDA50 Ross 65 gallon paste mixer

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: CDA50
  • Frain Number: R22351

304 S/S 50 gallon working capacity 65 gallon total. Unit features full vacuum up to 29.50 Hg, jacketed pressure rated up to 100 psi. Equipped with variable speed, independently driven, homogenizing and scrape agitation. Features 3 1/4" sight port, temperature probe and 2" ball valve discharge.

OAD: 92" L x 36" W x 74" H

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical DSLDM1

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: DSLDM1
  • Frain Number: R21861

1 gallon, double planetary mixer with working capacity of 3/4 gallons (3 liters) & full holding capacity of 1 gallon (3.8 liters). All wetted parts are hastelloy C with #4 finish and external parts 316 S/S. Can with temperature probe, jacket rated at 100 psi designed for full vacuum with three 3" diameter combination light sight port and charge ports and quick release sanitary clamps and electric inter-lock mounted on railing system to move bowls in & out to hydraulic press, hydraulic head and pressure gauge, vertical lift with stirrers & shafts (quick disconnect pins on stirrer shafts diagonally positioned to aid in product movement and circulation). 1 1/4" cove-plug side bottom discharge. All digital control panel equipped with ABB variable speed drive w/digital frequency display, mix motor rpm, temp sensor, dual speed slow & fast, and torque meter. UL tagged. Unit mounted on S/S base.

OAD:66"L x 44"W x 62"H

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Ross Mixer Paste Vertical LDM

  • Manufacturer: Ross
  • Model Number: LDM
  • Frain Number: R18191

Ross Model LDM1, 1 Quart double planetary mixer, 304 S/S, jacketed bowl. Mixing head has (1) 1/2"dia threaded port and (2) 2-5/8"dia tri-clover fitted inlet/outlet/site glass ports.

OAD: 22"l x 20"w x 25"h.

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J H Day Mixer Paste Vertical NAUTA MBX 525

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: NAUTA MBX 525
  • Frain Number: 5D6631

52.5 cu. ft. (392 gallon), 304 stainless steel, single wall, vertical paste mixer with a 12" diameter bottom support screw. Features three distinct intermixing actions: the screw turning on its axis, the screw orbiting the tank, and the screw spiralling the material upward. Equipped with three 6" diameter top ports, one 10" diameter top port, one 4" diameter top port, a 17" wide by 46" long top acess panel, and a 6 1/2" diameter side bottom circular stopper discharge. Powered by a Reliance 10 hp motor.

OAD: 79"L x 79"W x 130"H

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Jaygo Mixer Paste Vertical DISHO V170/500

  • Manufacturer: Jaygo
  • Model Number: DISHO V170/500
  • Frain Number: 5C9887

Jaygo Model DISHO, 400 liter, 100 gallon, stainless steel, vacuum, homogenizing and dispersion system for low or high viscosity liquids used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic Industries, with amount of product per hour – depending on materials and application. The shell and top / bottom heads are 7 gauge, 316 stainless steel construction and the side and bottom jackets are 12 guage, 304 stainless steel construction. Equipped with 32" OD x 37-3/4" long jacketed straight wall mixing vessel has hydraulic flip-top cover with 4" OD lighted sight glass port and top mounted 3 Hp variable speed motor drive with christmas tree type agitation and has both side and bottom scrapers. Full side and bottom jacket rated to MAWP of 100 Psi @ 338 Deg F, and MDMT of -20 Deg F @ 100 Psi. with (2) 1", 1-1/2" and 2" OD threaded jacket ports and has vacuum rating of 29.92. Cone Bottom with DISHO high speed multiple chamber homogenizing mill with 50 Hp motor drive. Control panel has agitation, vacuum pump, sight glass light, speed on / off and engine power and stop controls. Mounted on stainless steel skid.

OAD: 104" L x 38" W x 110" H

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J H Day Mixer Paste Vertical PONY 4B

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: PONY 4B
  • Frain Number: 5C9012

125 gal, Dual Motion Vertical Pony Mixer Has Maximum Capacity Of 137 Gallons And Working Capacity Of 125 Gallons. Unit Is Equipped W/304 Stainless Steel Manual Lift Cover And Agitator. Bowl Measures 40" X 40" X 31"H And Is Constructed Of 304 Stainless Steel, Bowl Sits On Movable Base With Casters. Unit Is Recommended For Any Mixing Application Involving Dry Material, Pastes Or High Viscosity Liquids. Final agitator rpm 35, bowl 21 rpm. Additional cans available at additional cost.

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J H Day Mixer Paste Vertical PONY 4B

  • Manufacturer: J H Day
  • Model Number: PONY 4B
  • Frain Number: 5C6889

125 gal, dual motion vertical pony mixer with a maximum capacity of 137 gallons and working capacity of 125 gallons. Has a final agitator rpm of 35, bowl 21 rpm. Unit is equipped w/304 stainless steel manual lift cover and agitator. Bowl measures 40" X 40" X 31"H and is constructed of 304 stainless steel, bowl.

OAD: 50L x 31W x 25H

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