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Frain Industries can help you with your pharmaceutical trayer project no matter how big or small your pharmaceutical needs. Pharmaceutical trayers are designed to take vials or bottles and place them into a tray.

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Cozzoli Pharmaceutical Trayer BT400

  • Manufacturer: Cozzoli
  • Model Number: BT400
  • Frain Number: 5D7721

Fully automatic, s/s, continuous motion, robotic pick & place tray loader capable of up to 20 rows of vials per minute. Vials size range: (1/2" – 2 1/2") diameter by (1 1/4" – 4")H with conventional or slotted closures. Three-sided or four-sided trays (10" – 17")W up to 26 1/2"L by up to 3"H (must be 1/8" lower than finish bottom). Features 152"L by 3 1/4" tabletop product conveyor, 18"L tray loading arm, two 96"L by 2"W lugged tray conveyors with 5 1/2" spacing (27" centers, 1/2" diameter lugs), 15"L by 29"W full tray transfer plate. Equipped with Omron Sysmac C200H programmable controller, push button controls LED display, E-stop, photoeyes for product presence, photoeye for tray presence, and tray backup on outfeed conveyor, Mounted on stainless steel frame. Last running 12" x 24"’ trays @ 15/min (2ml rated at 300 vials/min) for taking vials off line and traying for freeze drying.

OAD: 162"L x 44"W x 45"H

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Bosch Pharma Pharmaceutical Trayer TL TRAYER

  • Manufacturer: Bosch Pharma
  • Model Number: TL TRAYER
  • Frain Number: 5D5711

Continuous motion, robotic, pick-n-place trayloader capable of up to 20 rows per minute. (depending on size vial) Can handle (2 ml to 250 ml) vials with size range of: (0.5" – 2.7") diameter x (5.875") high (including stopper). 316 S/S construction, designed for three-sided, four-sided, bottomless, and sideless trays, up to (36"L x up to 18"W). can pack in even rows or offset rows. Features right hand infeed, no tray detection, no vial detection, starwheel infeed, overforce protection to shut down machine if vials jam up, and controls for row spacing, number of rows, and drive speed. Equipped with a (72"L x 12"W) table top belt conveyor. Mounted on a stainless steel frame with adjustable screw legs. Last running 3/4" diameter vials.

OAD: 80"L x 52"W x 45"H

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Adept Pharmaceutical Trayer S SERIES

  • Manufacturer: Adept
  • Model Number: S SERIES
  • Frain Number: 5F7725

Adept Model S Series SCARA (4) axes swing arm robotic pic n place with number of placements and product – depending on materials and application. Size range: 12ml to 120ml with proper change parts. Equipped with 140" long x 3-1/4" wide plastic delron product conveyor with worm screw in feed and 96" long x 12" wide tray conveyor with 1" wide belts each side. 16" long x 2" wide (4) axes swing arm robotic pic-n-place with suction cup pad with 6 suction cups. Has 48" swing radius reach. Series S controls has swing arm controller with digital dataline display panel and controls for cycle of swing arm, batch, tray and bottle conveyor start / stop controls with e-stop.

OAD: 156" L x 80" W x 86" H

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F P Developments Pharmaceutical Trayer 1328

F P Developments Model 1328, automatic, stainless steel, tray loader rated from 300 to 1000 containers per minute – depending on materials and application Size range: 2ml to 500ml and capable of handling vials, ampoules or speciialty products to sterilization, storage or lyophilization trays. Equipped with 46" long x 4-1/2" wide plastic delron product in feed conveyor to a 60" long x 24" wide canvas choke feed conveyor with 14 lane product lane divider, when pattern and load is full the gate bar will shift and remove the vials or ampoules to be loaded. PLC controls has swing arm touch screen controller with readout.

OAD: 96" L x 52" W x 60" H

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Bemac Pharmaceutical Trayer 1P.8

  • Manufacturer: Bemac
  • Model Number: 1P.8
  • Frain Number: 5D0732

BE.Mak Automatic trayer loads containers into 3 sided trays. It will handle a wide range of stable containers. Includes variable speed 2" S/S mesh conveyor and interlocking guarding. Tray Dimensions: 11.5" wide by 15.5" deep. Right to left direction of travel.

OAD: 96" L x 44" W x 44" H

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