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Nita Smart Labeling Systems Labeler P/S Spot SSK

Nita Model SSK Shellshock Top or "C" Shaped (top, leading edge and bottom) pressure sensitive labeler rated from 0 to 1570" per minute with number of containers – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Stainless steel construction. Container size range: up to 15" in Width; up to 13" in Height. Label size range: 1/2" to 6" in Width; 1/2" to 12" in Length. Accuracies: +/- 1/32". Equipped with dual 58" by 2" side belt product conveyors, adjustable guide rails, Model AE-612MKII pressure sensitive wipe on label applicator, wipe gate system and photo eye. Label specifications: 12" OD on 3" core. Servo drive and touch pad controller. Mounted on (4) leg frame with casters and leveling legs.

OAD: 60" L x 36" W x 72" H

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