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Bakery Rounders are also referred to as dough dividers/rounders and they commonly take premixed dough and portion them out into predetermined sizes and round this portion out to fit into a pan or directly on to a proofing conveyor or oven band. Bakery rounders come with specific ranges to keep the portions accurate and consistent.

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Rheon Bakery Equipment Rounders TC201

  • Manufacturer: Rheon
  • Model Number: TC201
  • Frain Number: 5G1360

Rheon shuttle panner and tray dispenser / indexer. Holds up to twelve 18" by 26" trays. Interfaces with Rheon panner to index trays underneath panner to automatic tray product. E-Stop and touch screen. Mounted on a casters with leveling legs. Infeed conveyor Equipped with a 6" wide x 50" long belt with drum style dusting applicator and adjustable side rollers. Shuttle panner equipped with a 6" wide stepper drive belt and adjustable photo eyes.

OAD: 119"L x 102"W x 70"H

*Dough portioner available for an additional cost.

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Peerless Bakery Equipment Rounders PBD6

  • Manufacturer: Peerless
  • Model Number: PBD6
  • Frain Number: 5F7210

Peerless Model PBD6, 6 pocket stainless steel, bread divider, Product range from 6 to 36 ounces for white breads, variety breads, ethnic breads and frozen doughs. Equipped with 60" long x 12" wide neoprene product conveyor and flour duster with ram, knife, division box and ejector. All driven by hydraulic cylinders. Allen Bradley 1000 touch screen with panel view controls. Rate dependent on materials, application and machine configuration.

OAD: 90" L x 64" W x 84" H

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