2 Head (Two Head) Machines

Used 2 Head (Two Head) Equipment

Two head chuck style cappers or dual head chuck style cappers are designed to tighten caps onto containers using two chucks. Chucks are pieces of tooling designed to hold a cap, to tighten the cap onto a container, and to release the cap when the proper torque has been applied to the cap. Chucks are sized for the size cap that they are applying. Chucks use different methods of determining when the proper amount of torque has been achieved and to release the caps when that amount of torque is reached. Because of the two heads, dual head chuck style cappers have greater output than single head chuck style cappers. Dual head chuck style cappers are designed to tighten a cap on a container without stopping the motion of the container. As one head is tightening a cap onto one container, the second head is prepared to accept the following container.

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