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Capper / over-lidders, or over-lid cappers are designed to apply a cap or lid onto a container on top of another cap or some other type of seal. Overlids are often resealable snap-on caps that are simply snapped onto the container. Over-lid cappers are designed to take in a container that already has a cap or some type of film closure. The over-lid capper feeds an over-lid from a magazine and places the over-lid on top of the container. The container and cap then usually pass under a set of pressure rollers to snap the over-lid in place. Some can over-lid cappers are designed to place over-lids on cans as the cans are on their sides. The cans are driven through the over-lid capper by drive belts that cause the can to turn. Pressure rollers are also used to snap the over-lid in place. Besides over-lids on cans, over-lids can also be found on top of aerosol containers and on top of plastic containers or cups that have been sealed with a foil or film seal. (Consumer products such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, or cans of chips use a package with a foil seal and an over-lid snap on cap.) Dosing cups on the caps of medicine bottles are also referred to as over-lids.

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