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Tamper evident cappers are designed to apply a heat shrinkable film sleeve around the neck and cap of a bottle or container. Once the film sleeve around the neck and cap of the container is shrunk using heat, the sleeve creates a film seal that will be destroyed if the cap of the container is removed from the container. If the film sleeve seal is intact, the film sleeve serves as evidence that the product inside the container has not been tampered with, hence the name tamper evident seal. (For more information see Capper / Neck Band.)

Tamper Evident Equipment In Stock

Fords Packaging Systems Capper Tamper Evident 220

  • Model Number: 220
  • Frain Number: 5H9380

Ford, Model 220, twin head free standing capping presses. Capable of producing foil caps at speeds up to 500 minute. Optional extras include UV cap disinfection, synchroprint for register-printed foil, two types of embossing unit for an all-over pattern on the foil or for a logo embossed on each cap, autosplice for automatic foil reel changeovers and the unique Foldback pull-tab system for ultimate consumer convenience

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