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Pump placer cappers, or pump placing cappers, are designed to place a pump into a container. Pumps allow the product to be dispensed from the container without un-capping the container. The design of a pump includes a dip tube that feeds the product to the pump. Product is drawn up the dip tube with every push of the pump. Dip tubes are designed to reach the bottom of the container so that all the product in the container can be dispensed by using the pump. Because of a dip tube, pump placer are specifically designed to orient the pump with the dip tube facing down and control the dip tube and insert the dip tube into the container during the pump placing capper operation.


Pump placers require subsequent operation by an additional machine (See Capper / Semi-automatic) to tighten the cap integrated into the pump to the neck of the container. Pump placers have orientation systems and tooling specifically designed to handle pumps and their dip tubes. Pumps designed to be activated the user’s index finger on a trigger are called trigger pumps. (Pumps are also placed on aerosol containers but because of the pressure in the aerosol container, aerosol pumps operate differently. See Aerosol / Tipper Crimper.)

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