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Screw capper is a broad category designed to encompass all the types of machines that are designed to screw on caps. Screw cappers are designed to screw plastic and metal caps into the threads in a container’s neck. Screw caps are designed with threads inside the cap. Theses threads are mirrored by thread on the neck of the container that allow the cap to screw and tighten onto the top of the container. Screw cappers are designed to rotate the caps onto the neck threads of the container and to tighten them. Screw cappers can employ chucks or quills to rotate the caps, and can be designed to operator automatically without operator assistance, semi-automatically with some operator assistance, or as a manual assist tool to a manual operation. (See Capper / Quill, Capper / Semi-Auto, or Capper / 8-head for more information.) Screw caps can be made of plastic or metal.

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