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Frain Industries can help you with your twist wrap cut wrapper project no matter how big or small your wrapping needs. Cut wrap twist wrap machines and equipment are designed to twist the loose ends of the film around products like hard candies.

Cut,Wrap,Twist Equipment In Stock

Ratti Jean Wrapper Cut,Wrap,Twist DOUBLE TWIST

  • Manufacturer: Ratti Jean
  • Model Number: DOUBLE TWIST
  • Frain Number: 5J2570

Ratti Jean double twist wrapper. Rated from 20 to 80 wraps per minute – depending on materials, application, machine configuration and operator dexterity. Roll diameter up to 11" diameter x 4" wide on a 3" core. Equipped with a 25" x 35" product table, 15" diameter (20) pocket rotary table and 4 station mechanical double twist wrap.

OAD: 66"L x 56"W x 55"H

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Tenchi Wrapper Cut,Wrap,Twist TP-200

  • Manufacturer: Tenchi
  • Model Number: TP-200
  • Frain Number: 5D8761

Tenchi TP200, Automatic, intermittent motion, 8-station rotary, roll overwrapper rated from 40 to 120 packages per minute. Rolls: up to 50mm dia x up to 110mm long. Has 5 1/2"W x 29"L infeed conveyor belt, 5 1/2"W x 59"L discharge belt conveyor, dual film rolls, film up to 7"W, hot roll film coder, offline ink roll pre-heat station, E-stop, programmable controller, frequency drive controller, digital operator control panel with LCD display, and barrier guarding with electrical interlock. Mounted on epoxy coated frame with height adjustable feet and casters. Last running overwrap on 22mm diameter x 70mm long roll.

OAD: 154"L x 53"W x 96"H

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Autowrappers Wrapper Cut,Wrap,Twist S2000

  • Manufacturer: Autowrappers
  • Model Number: S2000
  • Frain Number: 5D7921

Autowrappers S2000, automatic, intermittent motion, hot melt glue, roll wrapping machine rated from 80 to 200 packs per minute – depending on materials and application. Rolls: (5/8" – 1 1/4") diameter x up to 6 1/4"L. Features 9-lane cascade product feeder for product up to 1 1/4" diameter x up to 5/8"H, red tear strip for wrapper & point folded wrap ends. Equipped with Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 CPU, Allen Bradley variable speed drive controller, E-stops, registration, product infeed detection, product infeed jam detection, LED speed display, product counter, status indicator light, stand alone electrical panel, and barrier guarding with electrical interlocks. Last running a 9-pack roll (3 3/4"L) of hard candy. Coder available at additional cost.

OAD: 143"L x 60"W x 59"H

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Carle Montanari Wrapper Cut,Wrap,Twist V-PACK1 / BS-EC

  • Manufacturer: Carle Montanari
  • Model Number: V-PACK1 / BS-EC
  • Frain Number: 5J1400

Carle Montanari, Model V-Pack1 CD/CB4/B and Model CM-BS/EC in feed, Automatic, continous motion, high speed, single top twist wrapper rated from 200 to 350 pieces per minute – depending on materials, application and machines configuration. Product size range top twist format: 22mm to 32mm base diameter and 15mm to 26mm in height, double paper (inner and outer) with maximum diameter of 300mm. Maximum web width of 140mm. Equipped with 19½" wide powered chicaning product in feed conveyor down to single filing the product into 7½" wide infeed conveyor with product sensor for no product / no paper, electric eye for registered print centering and has stop wrapper device if has no wrapping material (from breakage or end of reel). Control panel has PLC controller with touch pad controls and panel view for the in feed conveyor and wrapper, with start and e-stop push buttons, statis light bar, servo motor drives and discharge chute and is mounted on heavy duty frame.
Designed to wrap molded or enrobed flat base chocolates in single twist style.

OAD: 241" L x 116" W x 74" H

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G D Wrapper Cut,Wrap,Twist 2500

  • Manufacturer: G D
  • Model Number: 2500
  • Frain Number: 5C4488

G D 2500, Automatic bunch wrapper capable of speeds from 200 to 500 product per minute – depending on materials and application. Will handle a large variety of products: Hard candies, tablets, chocolates, gels and more. Product size range and acceptable tollerances: 15mm to 41mm in length 10mm to 30mm in width, 5mm to 19mm in thickness and sphere OD from 13mm to19mm. Outer wrap reel width: 56mm to 105mm and inner wrap reel width 22mm to 60mm. Handles a wide aray of wrapping materials including PVC, cellophane, waxed paper and backed aluminum. Stop and start push button controls. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 8′ L x 4′ W x 5′ 6" H

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