Pearson Case Erector Glue CE35G LTR

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Pearson, Model CE35G, Automatic, inline, case erector and hot melt glue bottom sealer rated from 10 to 35 cases per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Mild steel construction with standard powder coat flint grey fine texture coating. Case size range: 6" to 23½" in Length; 5" to 16" in Width, 3½" to 18½" in Depth and capable of handling CSSC, FOL, HSC, RSC and RSC with integral divider cases with proper change parts. Equipped with extended (4) chain automatic blank case magazine, suction cup pic n place with case erecting squaring system and top hold down, hand crank height and width adjustable, has top flap lifters and rear flap closers with plow and Nordson hot melt glue system. Control panel has A/B controller with A/B PanelView touch screen HMI and statis light bar. Mounted on heavy duty frame with interlock safety guarding.

OAD: 225"L x 88"W x 90"H

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