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Angelus Seamer 3 Head 51P

  • Manufacturer: Angelus
  • Model Number: 51P
  • Frain Number: 5D9934

Angelus 51P, Automatic, 3-head, can seamer capable of seaming 60 to 130 cans per minute. Cans: (5" – 7") diameter x up to 10"H. Has dual starwheel infeed, 19"H lid magazine with low lid sensor, starwheel discharge, and on / off push button controls. Mounted on casters and height adjustable legs. Last running 502can.

OAD: 74"L x 65"W x 75"H

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Angelus Seamer 3 Head 50PDF

  • Manufacturer: Angelus
  • Model Number: 50PDF
  • Frain Number: 5C8961

Angelus 50PDF, 502 dia. Disc feed seamer capable of 60 to 130 cpm. Can size range of 5 1/16" – 7" dia , 3 1/2" – 10" height with proper change parts. Equipped with reciprocating cover seperator, no can/no cap, disc feed, and magazine.

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