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Seamer equipment, also known as can seamers are machines designed to seal a lid to a metal or composite can. A seamer machine creates a continuous seam between the lid and the can, hence the name can seamer.

Seamer machines apply a lid to the can. (A semi-automatic seamer requires an operator to apply the lid to the can, but the seaming portion of the operation is similar to an automatic seamer.)

A rotary seaming head will then grip both the side of the can and the lid. As the seaming head rotates about the can and the lid, the tooling in the seaming head compresses both the lid material and the can material together to form a continuous seam around the can and the lid.

Seamers are tooled to handle a specific can size. The proper tooling needs to be installed to change the size can that will be seamed by a seamer. Output or speed is related to the number of heads on the seamer. The greater the number of heads, the greater the output or speed.

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