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Hard candy equipment is the general classification for the formation and heat processing forming and cooling of various soft to hard sugared products. Used commercial hard candy equipment includes the kitchen equipment cookers, evaporators, vacuum systems, mixing, kneading and pulling equipment for the formation of a variety of sugar-based confections.

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Hansella Candy Hard Candy 85A

  • Manufacturer: Hansella
  • Model Number: 85A
  • Frain Number: 5G9608

Klockner Hansella, Model 85A, high speed, rotary, seamless, hard candy die forming machine. Rated from 123 to 231 feet of sugar rope per minute with sizes and shapes – depending materials, application, die size and die arrangement. Equipped with 7" OD outer and 5¾" OD inner product rope feed rings driven and synchronised by the rotary die head into the die area to plunger forming the product. Operation: continuous production of seamless sweets, or tablets with or without center filling and can be used as part of a complete production line or integrated into an existing line.

OAD: 47"L x 30"W x 52"H

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