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Candy or confectionery machinery, equipment refers to various types of equipment that can be used in the production of hard candy and chocolate candy products. Candy making equipment encompasses machinery to process the sugar or chocolate and turn it into a usable form; equipment to properly mix, heat, cool, and temper a raw mass of sugar or chocolate.

New or used confectionery machinery for the forming, cutting, extruding, chocolate coating (enrobing), depositing, and sizing is also included in this category. We have chocolate mixing tanks, batch rollers for forming candy into a rope, chocolate coating machines (enrobers), cooling drums and cooling wheels for cooling and hardening chocolate and candy, depositors, guillotine knives for cutting continuous streams of product, licorice extruders, product rope sizers, chocolate tempering tanks, amongst the candy equipment in stock.

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Candy Equipment In Stock

Aasted Candy Chocolate Tempering DWM3000

  • Manufacturer: Aasted
  • Model Number: DWM3000
  • Frain Number: R28060

Aasted Model DWM3000, 15 plate chocolate tempering system rated up to 3000 kg or (6,600 lbs) per hour with pressure rating: up to 6 bar. Equipped with fifteen plate tempering chamber (22" OD x 42" High) with water jacketed plates and scrape surface agitation. Flanged cover, top and bottom 8" OD flanged product inlet / outlets, modular flow water system with filters that allow heat transfer through the surface area of the tempering elements. Enclosed chamber system with controls for six temperature zones water pump and heaters, bottom motor drive with platform style base.

OAD: 48" L x 48" W x 84" H

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Werner Lehara APV Baker Perkin Candy Cutters (Guillotine)

Mechanical Werner Lehara Guillotine , equipped with a 18" hot knife blade, 64" long x 29" wide in feed and 32" long x 18" wide discharge conveyors with 46" in feed and discharge height, safety guarding and hand crank adjustable belt speed and legs.

OAD: 96" L x 52" W x 76" H

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Rasch Candy Chocolate Tempering TR5

  • Manufacturer: Rasch
  • Model Number: TR5
  • Frain Number: 5C9215

Rasch TR-5 tempering machine with rated capacity of 300 to 1100 pounds per hour. Equipped with 31" ID x 24" Deep mixing chamber (75 gal), bridge mounted auger / scrape mixer with lidt off cover. Chocolate is feed continuously to the Rasch Machine from your holding tank at any temperature from 100 Deg. to 110 Deg. F. Within 10 minutes from the start, seeded chocolate (sub-cooled to 84 Deg. to 86 Deg. F) can be delivered to the enrober. After the enrober has its initial charge of, say, 150 pounds, the tempering Machine’s first zone thermometer is set so that the chocolate is not sub-cooled any longer. At all other times, the tempering machine will reduce the temperature of the chocolate from 110 Deg. F. to your working temperature of 88 deg. to 91 Deg F, depending on the type of chocolate used.

OAD: 96" L x 48" W x 74" H

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Savage Brothers Candy Tables (Cooling) COOLINGTABLE

Savage Brothers, 96"L x 36"W stainless steel jacketed candy cooling table. Equipped with 1"H rails, (3) 1"OD threaded water inlet/outlets, capable of handling up to 100psi. Unit mounted on (6) adjustable height legs. Currently set at 30"H.

OAD: 96"L x 36"W x 30"H

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Blommer Candy Chocolate Melter 60,000 LB

  • Manufacturer: Blommer
  • Model Number: 60,000 LB
  • Frain Number: 5F9868

Blommer 60,000 lb, carbon steel, horizontal, low pressure water jacketed, chocolate melting and mixing vessel. Inner chamber dimensions: 170" in Length; 84" in Width; 118" in Depth. Equipped with enclosed top, 24" x 24" man way with hinged flip up cover, paddle style mixer with 7" OD shaft driven by 15 Hp motor drive and gear reducer with 25 – 1 ratio. 3/4 low pressure water jacket 5 psi with (4) inside welded baffles which divide jacket into (5) sections to direct the flow of water from front to back of each section and then through a circulation heater and back through the jacket sections, with (2) 2-1/2" ID threaded side jacket in / outlets each side and temperture probe. 6" OD threaded center bottom discharge with 7" discharge height without leg extentions and 26" discharge height with extentions and has (6) 1-1/2" OD threaded bottom jacket water drains. Control panel with on / off switch hand / off / auto control dial, e-stop and is mounted on (4) legs.

OAD: 216" L x 90" W x 129" H

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Blommer Candy Chocolate Melter 7,500 LB

  • Manufacturer: Blommer
  • Model Number: 7,500 LB
  • Frain Number: 5F9875

Blommer 7,500 lb capacity, vertical, carbon steel, low pressure water jacketed, chocolate melting and mixing vessel. Inner chamber dimmensions: 72" ID x 48" straight wall. Equipped with flat top, dual flip top covers and bridge mounted sweep agitation, 5 Hp drive, with safety guarding and 4" OD shaft with side scrape paddles. Full low pressure water jacket rated to 5psi with interior baffles to direct the water flow through out the jacket, to a circulation heater and back to jacket (4) 2" OD side and (2) 1-1/2" OD bottom threaded jacket in / outlets and Watlow side mounted water heater circulation system. Dish bottom has 5-1/2" OD threaded center bottom discharge with 12" floor clearance, temp probe and mounted on (4) legs.

OAD: 88" L x 82" W x 90" H

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Klockner Hansel USA Crosio Candy Cooling Wheels COOL ROLLS

Stainless steel, continuous, dual wheel cooling system capable of up to 1000 Kg or 2,200 lbs of product per hour (depending on application). Has dual 40" diameter, by 28 3/8" surface face, stainless steel cooling wheels, water chilled with temperature reduction from 59 to 46 deg F. Polished drum surface, insulated sides, closed – loop water re-circulation, and interior water spray systems, with 2" O.D. threaded inlet/outlet ports each drum. 30" L x 6" W x 8" D top product port, and 29" W scraper blade, and is mounted on common frame with 4 legs.

OAD: 60" L x 69"W x 138" H

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Candy Disc …

  • Model Number: ...
  • Frain Number: 5E9943

48" Diameter, Variable speed, mesh table and discharge height of 36" mounted on casters

OAD: 60"L x 50"W x 38"H

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  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5E9940

72" Diameter, variable speed, mesh table top and discharge height of 36". Mounted on casters

OAD: 90"L x 74"W x 40"H

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  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5E9941

48" Dia, S/S, table with 3"H guide rails and a 1/2 hp drive. Mounted on a S/S frame with (4) height adjustable legs.

OAD: 58"L x 50"W x 40"H

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Blommer Candy Chocolate Melter 15000 LBS

  • Manufacturer: Blommer
  • Model Number: 15000 LBS
  • Frain Number: 5G9501

Blommer, 15,000 lbs, carbon steel, low pressure jacketed chocolate melting tank with number of pounds per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Vessel dimensions: 64" in Diameter; 95" in length and is low pressure jacketed. Equipped with 24" x 24" manway with lift off cover, lift out safety grate, and 2" ID product feed port. Sweep agitation and is powered by 15 Hp motor drive. 1" NPT front bottom discharge with 28" ground clearance and 7" x 7" flanged" center bottom discharge with 8" ground clearance.

(2) 2¼" NPT
(2) 2" NPT
(4) 1½" NPT

OAD: 144" L x 66" W x 98" H

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Sollich Candy Chocolate Tempering MST1500V

  • Manufacturer: Sollich
  • Model Number: MST1500V
  • Frain Number: 5G9948

Sollich, Model MST 1500 V, chocolate tempering machine with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 3 stage digital tempering controls with final stage temperature readout, water temperature controls, recirculating pumps, 11 vertical stacked plates 25 Hp motor drive with gear reducer and de-tempering return tube.


OAD: 69"L x 50"W x 108"H

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