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After the candy has been mixed, there is further work to be done. This may include flattening into sheets, cutting into pieces, or hand forming the individual artisanal candies. If done on a standard table, the candy may warm up or cool down during working.

A specialized table is a must. A candy cooling table as shown below can make a big difference in how hard the candy maker has to work to make the perfect candy.

At first glance, this table looks like most other stainless steel tables but there are a couple of differences key to the candy maker’s art.


The top of the table is flat and smooth. This aids in getting a smooth and glossy finish on the candies. Some candies are semi-liquid or even liquid when working begins. Side and end guides prevent it from running off the table while being worked. These guides, approximately 3/4” high confine the candy to the table. A screed blade can be run across the top of the bars to level and smooth the surface of the candy. The guides also force the candy mass into perfectly straight edges and square corners. If the candy mass is not enough to fill the entire table, an intermediate guide can be used to temporarily create smaller square/rectangular areas.

On the table shown, the guides are hinged. This allows them to be swung out of the way if not needed or for easier cleaning of the table.

All of the above help make the table more useful but the real reason for being is the table’s ability to maintain a constant surface temperature while working the candy. The table is hollow with baffles. Cold or hot water can be circulated through the table for temperature control. Surface temperature can be controlled by the candymaker or may be automatically controlled with a thermostat.

An artisan is only as good as their tools. Sometimes something as mundane as a properly designed table can make the difference between good and great.

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