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APV Baker Candy Depositors DEPOSITOR

  • Manufacturer: APV Baker
  • Model Number: DEPOSITOR
  • Frain Number: 5E2029

160 head 7mm depositor equipped with a 38′ L cooling tunnel for hard candy line. Hardens candy before going into packaging lines. Controls include E-Stop and jog.

OAD" 72’L x 10’W x 10’H

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Realfeed / RM Tech Candy Depositors CAM/8D+GSH80+STB

8 Lane, volumetric, ideal for whole or granulated nuts, or generic granulates depositor rated up to 6,000 pieces per minute – depending on materials and application. Accuracy: up to 99.5%. Equipped with a 84" long x 6" wide incline cleated conveyor with 1" high cleats on 6" centers, 2.5 ft³ stainless steel product hopper, eight horizontal vibrating product lanes, electronic eye counters, air metering system, servo driven indexing shuttle, 72" long x 9" wide lugged infeed conveyor set on 9" centers, and an A/B PLC and Panel View. Mounted on height adjustable legs with casters. Product in carried up an incline conveyor and dumped into the stainless steel hopper. The pieces are then carried across the eight horizontal product lanes, where electronic eye counter meter off the desired product number and drop it into vertical holding chutes and into the removable molds. Once the proper count is in the moulds the shuttle indexes over the horizontal product conveyor and are deposited on the product.

OAD: 72" L x 58" W x 84" H

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NID Candy Depositors JD400

  • Manufacturer: NID
  • Model Number: JD400
  • Frain Number: 5G3340

NID, Model JD400, 1 x 9, automatic confectionary depositor. Equipped with 12" wide x 87" long (2) chain lugged product conveyor set on 18½" centers and can accomodate trays up to 18" in width. Equipped with 16" wide x 14" long x 14" deep heated jacketed product hopper and (1) row of (9) 5.3mm ID depositing nozzles with electric heated pump head. Hand crank controls for tray position, tray lift, variable speed, stroke and volume. Variable temperature control dials for hopper and pump head. Push button start/stop for main drive and vibrator. Mounted on (4) legs with casters.

110"L x 40"W x 53"H

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Sollich Candy Depositors ND600

  • Manufacturer: Sollich
  • Model Number: ND600
  • Frain Number: 5E9076

Automatic, 10 – head, nut depositor. Equipped with two 8" x 8" inlet funnels, 12" diameter x 24" long rotary dispersing chamber, pneumatic slide gate, 600mm long 10 station depositing system, and Lexan safety guarding.
Designed for accurate volumetric dispensing of chopped nuts or nut-like products.

OAD: 56" L x 40" W x 44" H

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APV Baker Candy Depositors 162/1

  • Manufacturer: APV Baker
  • Model Number: 162/1
  • Frain Number: 5F7352

APV Baker Model 162/1, stainless steel, single deposit, duel piston, electronic lab scale depositor rated 0 to 40 strokes per minute – depending on materials and application. Temperature rating: up to 180° F. Pressure rating: up to 90 psig. Equipped with (2) servo driven volumetric pumps, (2) jacketed product hoppers, (2) depositing pistons and nozzles with 90" long x 9" wide in feed conveyor set on 12" centers and PLC with touch screen interface. Mounted on height adjustable legs and casters. Capable of doing hard candies, jellies, toffee, caramel and fudge with proper change parts.

OAD: 90" L x 48" W x 82" H

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Knobel / Bainbridge Asscoiates Candy Depositors CCM 12/24

Knobel Model CCM 12/24, One Shot Chocolate depositor rated from 50 to 200 kg per hour with number of product – depending on marterials and application. Capable of handling 8mm, 10mm, 17mm, 25mm, 35mm diameter piston pumps with filling capacities of 2.56 to 36.00 grams with proper change parts. Equipped with (2) stainless steel 2 ft³ product hoppers, with 12 dosing cylinders and pistons per side for a total of 24 cylinders and piston. 64" long x 18" wide neopreme product conveyor with adjustable guide rails. Touch pad controller has operator interface with read out and is mounted base frame with height adjustable leveling legs. Applications: free dressing of pralines directly on top of cooling tunnel belt or can be implemented in third parties moulding line.and can deposit centre masses (fillings) in chocolates and cookies.

OAD: 77" L x 64" W x 52" H

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APV Baker Candy Depositors 250DF

  • Manufacturer: APV Baker
  • Model Number: 250DF
  • Frain Number: 5E4640

Complete double row, hard candy, depositor, with cooling tunnel capable of doing 5,000 to 72,000 pieces @ hour at 10 to 60 strokes @ min depending on application. Has 250DF under band electronic servo driven depositor with dual product hoppers (10) S/S pistons each, and dual pump bars, (10) pumps across each. 36" W x 98" L infeed to cooler section where products pre-cooled and discharged from the molds, and has a 49" W x 110" L cooling tunnel with belt to a 40" W x 145" L discharge section, A/B PLC with touch pad controller, and panel view.

OAD: 9′ W x 36′ L x 7′ 3" H

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